I can't figure this out

I’m a person who is playing street fighter for the first time seriously with four and I can’t seem to get my mind around the zig-zag motion required for moves like Shoryuken. Does anyone know of a video of somebody doing this so I can see what I’m doing wrong?

On a pad or keyboard you can think of it as “forward, down, forward, punch” instead. On stick too I guess, but the real input is easier to do with that.

look at the arrows of this site’s logo at the top, that’s what the motions are.


You are either:

a) trolling
b) lost
c) don’t know how to read previous threads
d) not using the shortcuts:

Can you do a fireball? Just hold forward and right after do a fireball and you’ll get a shoryuken.

Couldn’t you have just said that instead of the stupid shit you said mentioned before it?

Thank you I figured it out

This guy seems like a legitimate noob, and not trolling. A shoryuken is done by doing :dp: :lp:. In SFIV you can also do :df::df: with the shortcuts they have.

EDIT: well, since you’ve already figured it out now you’ll soon be complaining how the shortcut interferes with other moves like the rest!

No he couldn’t.

In fairness, if SF IV has the same diagrams as previous versions then it is kind of confusing.

It looks like a Z in the diagram which would lead you to believe you have to use down-back, but as we all know that’s not the case.

Granted, a decent search may have found the answers too.

I do :r: :qcf: :p: because it’s easier on pads, thumbsticks, and keyboards.

I remember the original snes move list had it like :qcf::d::df::p:

I was like the only one who could do dragon punches (on purpose) for the longest time on the snes pad by mashing out :qcf:X2 :p:

If all else fails: :df::df: + :hp:
Use the shortcut.