I can't find a mas stick


Anyone know a site that sells mas sticks that ships the canada?. I’ve checked arcadeshock and was about to order one from there but, once I had to select the shipping the cheapest shipping they had was 62.50 and I don’t want to pay 62.50 for shipping that made the stick come to about 187$ when It was originally 125$.


There isn’t any other options for mas sticks, especially in Canada.

Mas given up on their website and their phone line isn’t reliable.


have u checked with AIB? their sticks are customizable and made to order where happ parts are some of the options they offer. if their pricing is too steep, perhaps this might be a good chance to get ur feet wet into stick building! lol i mean, u can contact a canadian stick builder to build u a happ-compatible case and u can put in whatever parts u want. maybe even an american builder might be willing to ship to u. if this is for ps2/dc/ps3, the mc cthulhu makes the electronics uber easy. good luck in ur search/build.


Another option would be to hunt around for an old Pelican or SFAE stick, and put the Happ parts in yourself. The electronics that originally came in both range from ‘crap’ to ‘ok’, but the wood cases themselves were top tier.


How far are you from the border and what coast? There is a guy here in Federal way, WA that does korean style sticks, bout 2-3 hour drive from Vancouver.