I can't find a stick anywhere

So I was wondering if anybody would be willing to make me a custom stick for around 150 USD. If thats too low of a price just let me know.

You can’t find a stick now, but custom builders are busy filling orders and some have a waiting list to get on THE waiting list. Either way, you’ll have to wait. I’d pick up an used stick in the Trade Outlet in the mean time. Then order a custom.

I was afraid of that. Oh well, guess I will just wait. Thanks man.

man just buy an xbox or ps3 PCB, some micro switches, a seimatsu or JLF (if u can find it), bunch of buttons and some wiring from radio shack, an hour worth of soldering (or bring it to a guy, they wont charge much) and boom u got a quick and Kick ass stick in no time…

fuck even build it in to a hunk of wood for now…then take time to make a nice cabinet…

thats what I am doing after i get my SE parts…
im no expert but ive done a fair whack of soldering b4, so im sure its not too hard.

Youtube has some excellent videos of exactly how to make a stick for 360…

also try this: http://www.gamersreports.com/article/24/

you can pretty much turn any stick in to a 360 stick


Hey, I’m currently in the process of making a stick. It’s halfway done, should be done in about a week or 2. Anyways if you are interested, it would be unpainted, with HAPP Competition joystick and 6 competition pushbuttons in a 6 button astrocity layout. PM me, and I’ll send you pics of I have so far. Also, it’s for PS3 only, and wireless.