I cant find any EU players ON PSN

Anyone got the same problem???

It looks like someone named Iannoentry had the same problem yesterday:

…maybe you should private message him about it. :tup:

thats me bro

im just wondering anyone in EU are able to play against EU players?

Should probably check the matchmaking section to see if anybody else from EU is having this problem.

Also, why did you post 2 threads, with the same topic, in the same section?

matchmaking section? i did do custom match

He was being ironic.

And, to answer your question, yes, I live in EU and most of the time I play EU players. Actually an hour ago I’ve played some matches, and most of my opp. were from Europe.

OMG,i think it’s because i bought the PS3 or the game from asia

but i was able to play against EU players few days ago…