I can't find any TE sticks (x360)

It seems everywhere I look I can’t find a TE of any mad catz stick, are they all sold out and out of production at this time?

The only one I can find is a Black tournament edition SSF4 S for $185, I know this is around 35 dollars over its orignal price, but is this a good deal at this point in time? I’ve used a stick before, albeit a cheap one and I like the style of play, but are there any TE sticks left anywhere?

You don’t say where you are, but (at the time of me posting this) the Gameshark store shows the TE-S for 360 in stock.
(remember to use the SRK discount code)

Sorry for not saying i’m in the U.S, but you just helped me out a TON, along with the evo code I got the TE s for 130. Thread is done and you have my thanks.