I cant find the acrylic thread

Can someone tell me how thick the acrylic piece should be for replacing the TE Stick one? My friend is going to make me a piece the only thing holding us back is the measurments needed for the thickness of the acrylic piece. I looked on the forums and couldn’t find anything about it. Help is much appreciated!


1/32 if you want it flush… (which you will most likely only be able to find in Polycarbanate) or 1/16 which will stick up a little from the stock height (and make snap in buttons a little bit harder to fit and increase the chance of cracking.

I got a 1/16th acrylic but ordered seimitsu screw on buttons so i wont have to worry about cracking the acrylic by snapping in buttons.

Are you sure 1/16’th is that bad?

so the snap in buttons in acrylic is no good? you should always go for screw in buttons for acrylic?