I can't get some combos

Hi people, i’m new here and i’ll try to ask your help because i’m a step before hanging myself.
The problem is that on my pc I can’t get some combos (1 frame combos I think) because something in my pc system is not able to do the animation properly; I can say it for sure because with a friend’s pc i can get easily those combos.
The most noticeable combo is the Gouken’s overhead into cr.lp , useful for me beacuse i’m a Gouken player.
Have tryed every type of setting changes on the pc, game and monitor resultless.
I post both settings:
cpu i5-4670
vga r9290ti-x
SSD samsung evo 256gb
motherboard z87 Asus
monitor Benq xl2720 144hz
Fightstick (i have also thought that can be an issue of it) Madcatz pro

-Other pc where the combos are doable-
cpu i5 4670
vga GTX970 Msi
SSD 500gb samsung
motherboard Asus z87
monitor a 60hz ASUS
Fightstick Qanba Q2

So please help me to find if it is an input lag issue, a settings issue or what. Because i tryed out everything and i’m desperate :s .

Overhead into c.LP doesn’t normally combo for Gouken. It has to either hit as a counter-hit, or hit later in its active frames (there are specific setups for this, usually as a reset after an EX palm in the corner). So there’s no wonder why you can’t get it to work.

Your technical equipment is irrelevant for whether or not a combo works.

Hi thanks for the answer first of all.
Actually overhead into cr.lp and into something else is/are combos normally.
I tryed in training mode with still and standing opponent and at my home i can’t in anyway get that combo; with friend’s pc i get it easily.
I’m going mad.


No, it doesn’t normally combo. The overhead is +2 on hit, c.LP has 3 frames of start-up.
That video demonstrates my point, actually. Remember what I said about the overhead having to hit later in its active frames for the combo to work. That’s exactly what is happening in the video you linked. He’s setting up a situation where the overhead doesn’t hit on the first active frame, but a later one, which allows for additional frame advantage. The combo doesn’t work otherwise.

I have no idea why it works on your friend’s computer. It shouldn’t.

For the record, I used to main Gouken.

Yes I have read a lot of people that says that it works only if it’s meaty, but I can tell you that I have also seen King Black Toof doing it on streaming being in front of a standing and neutral opponent. So I tryed and found the problem. No clue how is it possible.

I’m going to have to see video proof of that before I believe it. It’s possible that it’s some specific, weird hitbox issue allows the overhead to hit at a later frame, or that you saw it hit as a counter hit. That’s the only thing I can think of, because the link plainly isn’t possible unless done meaty or as a CH.

I suggest asking in the Gouken section, maybe someone there can shed some more light on the issue.

There have been issues in behavior due to vsync, as you can see in this video:


Maybe either your pc or your friend’s has it on.

But anyway that combo should not work in most circumstances, unless the wiki is wrong or not displaying standing frame advantage on hit (highly unlikely). Cody has both data (+3 vs standing, -1 vs crouching) but one of the guys that feeds the wiki is one of Cody’s boyz so maybe his page is simply better.