I cant get the wires off the buttons (TE Stick)

Just changing my template…they snap out easy enough but i cant take the wires out at all…im pulling very hard aswell ive got a massive print in my thumb where ive tried to pull it out. Ive pulled 2 of them out quite easily but just cant with the rest! Im tempted to use some pliers but dont wanna mess it up…Any tips on how to get them out without damaging anything?

I use a small thin precision flat head screwdriver to pry the disconnects loose, then use needle nose pliers, pulling from where the metal Quick Disconnect is crimped onto the wire.

You can pop them off with a tweaker (small screw driver).

Ah yeah never thought of that…i’ll give it ago thanks

Don’t be afraid to use a little force either.

As long as you are applying the force from the connector and not the wire, it should handle it just fine. The danger is only in tugging the wire, putting the stretch onto the connection between the wire and the head.