I can't parry Houyoku-Sen



I cannot get the timing right! What am I doing wrong, I tried everything.
Need help!


Go home and take lessons from Daigo


input the first parry before the startup flash is over.


Many thanks, it worked.
I am now Daigo Umehara.


Considering Daigo is now terrible at 3rd Strike, I would think twice before saying that. lol


U nab.


Maybe he’s chinese and says it like Jchensor sir.

“Japanese games only make their chinese people say hello and how are you” - texas tourny stream

Okay, well explain what Yun says with snapda konnomon [sic all of it].

I met game dev dude who said he put those win quotes in, audio what to say. He knows the joke about “snap the condom on” there, should’ve asked him! But he was soon off to also explain he asked Capcom to put in cl MK launcher to air 1-2 Yun LP-HP chain. He was proud of that, getting something added in usually Japanese developers don’t listen to anything in the US branches.

He won the Anime Game Room 3s Tournament that day. SA1 Yun. Oh man those laggy TV’s, CRT fat tube too. Elena stand LK, 3 framer. Never ever see it. So, same with throws then. Some poor Makoto player got thrown 6 in a row by Ken. “why didn’t he tech?!” Shit man, did you see those TV’s.

/ double late night stories that don’t go anywhere story time




MOV is the one that likes to parry sa2…specifically Nuki’s