I...can't...parry..lows...for shit

Where do these idiots come from?

That was our point man. We never said you can’t win with low tier. Hell you get major props for winning with low tier. There was a discussion on this before. The fact is tiers are there. If there wasn’t tiers, Yamazaki and Kuroda would get the same props as Nuki and DeshiKen.

Tiger, the answer to both when to low parry and whether there are tiers is the same: you just have to get more experience with 3s. I thought at first that tiering didn’t matter, and as I got more into the game, I thought that tiering was extremely important, and now I can say that while tiering matters, a good enough player can overcome it. Saying that the game has tier rankings isn’t saying that Q can’t beat Chun. I’ve beaten Chuns, even pretty well-known ones, and even in tournaments. The problem is, they beat me way more often than I beat them.

What tier rankings do say is that it’s more difficult for someone using a low tier character to win than it is for someone using a high tier character. All a tier does is show which character, when the user uses that character as effectively as possible, is going to give you the best chance of winning. Say the world’s best Q player plays against the world’s best Chun player 100 times. Is it reasonable to expect the Q player to win 50 times? I doubt you’d say it would be. Even if the world’s best Q player played against the 3rd best Chun player in the world, it still wouldn’t be reasonable to expect them to split 50-50. It’s much more likely that the Q player would win something like 20-30 games. Even if he’s having an awesome day, he doesn’t have a good chance of winning more than 40. This is the idea of tiering. The Q player doesn’t have as good a chance of winning as the Chun player does simply because of character choice.

Let’s take an even more lopsided example. I don’t know if you know much about Marvel, but let’s say the world’s best Servbot/Roll/Dan player played the world’s best Magneto/Storm/Sentinel player 100 times. It would be extremely unreasonable to expect the split to be anything near 50-50. That’s all a tier is: saying that character x is likely to win more than character y.

Block low. Get a solid ground game and create openings without having to do retarded guessing.

heres an easy example of tiering.

pretend for a second ryu and ken are the only 2 characters in SF2.
in the original SF2 ryu and ken were exactly the same character.
the ONLY difference between the two was that kens :hk: throw travellved across the screen.
this one fact made ken a better character to play than ryu solely because it was SLIGHTLY easier to put an opponent into the corner with a throw.
so OF COURSE a ryu player could beat a ken player with equal skill.
but the question is which CHARACTER is better, not which PLAYER is better.
tiering has to do with the CHARACTERS nothing to do with how good a PLAYER IS.
so that right there is CONCRETE evidence a tier exists in some form.
the difference in most cases is the degree of usefulness in the difference of characters.

denying that tiers exist is like denying gravity exists.
no matter what your beliefs on gravity, at the end of the day, what comes up WILL COME DOWN, whether you choose to call it gravity, skill, midichloreans WHATEVER.
it is really there, and just because you dont believe it will not change that fact.

Yeah, where do these asshats for SF players come from? :confused: Why do they always have this thing about “tiers don’t exist”. It’s not like you have to follow them like the bible. It’s just statistics on paper letting you know how the match may turn out. Jeebus christ…:rolleyes: Oh and parrying training will help you learn how to parry that denjin hadoken one day when someone tries to bust that shit on you in the corner. Except wait…you’re not going to use parrying training so that’ll never happen. It’ll just bust you in the face everytime.

Tigerboi, seriously…don’t you think anyone here makes a valid point regarding this whole “Tiers” thing? Read all the various excellent points that have been made here. One after the other has made perfect sense. You’re getting responses from people that have actual knowledge of the game, you can’t deny that. Don’t you think ANY of it makes sense? How can you type “tiers are bullshit” with a straight face? Justify yourself. And PLEASE, think before you post…don’t type any more of those famous “slingblade” type responses you’ve been making throughout this thread.

Uh… isn’t Tigerboi banned? I don’t think he’ll be replying anytime soon…

Good stuff. Another dense scrub that didn’t wanna learn a thing about being competitive in a fighting game. We spoonfed him and he just threw it back up everytime like a sick dog.

You know, sometimes, I like stand in front of a brick wall & start talking.

It brings back fond memories of threads like this.

Tigerboi, use this “time-out” and think about what you’ve done. Don’t forget to come back with some useful comments or else you’ll get fucked over again. :tdown: I’ll be watching for the next installment of one of your shitty threads, perhaps “SMB Help Please…Need warpzone location help”

Till next time Princess…:rofl:

Can’t say this guy actully knows what hes talking about when he says he can’t parry lows. You push down obviously. I don’t think he knew that, figured it out and tried to play it off. My guess, but anyways his belief in tiers is pretty stupid. Tiers exist within reason. I like to think that 3s is like a game of rock, paper, scissors. Rock being the attack, paper being the parry, and scissors being the throw. After that, it all comes to the skill, execution, and luck of guessing rock, paper, or scissors.
Plus the move list, I mean a character that basically has no good anti air isn’t going to beat the best character with great aerial mixups. Its like teaching an old dog new tricks. Its just not going to be very easy and consistant.
Then again, this game is NOT MvC, its not CvS, or GG. None of that shit applys here and nothing we do in 3s applys over there. Maybe just hit confirms, but the parry in this game makes it a whole different animal in itself.
Thats why I love this game.