I can't PM mods so


so i write here.
why this thread was closed? maybe wrong section? it’s not possible to move in another section?

sorry for the this OT thread but i can’t PM no one for now.

this is the thread: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=186085











sigh This “Gee golly guyz! I’m a SF fan here’s my collection! LOLOLOL!” thread has been done before.

Duplicate threads get closed.




ok but in every forums in the world when a mod close a thread,he post the link of the thread that has been done before,if you are sure about it,otherwise shut up.





You could have read the rules!


thx,i didn’t know about this thread.
This is a good post,not some other here.


amazing post keep it up


i wrote to mods NOT to other people,so STOP talk pls.
I didn’t want to create useless discussions.


So stop talking in this thread?


There is an announcement at the top of FGD saying read the rules or get banned. One of the rules is to use the (working) search function before posting a thread.

You didn’t do this.


i did search street fighter collection but without results.
Try it if you don’t believe me.


Hey! You wrote this to talk to the mods remember! Not to talk to other people!

You’re creating useless discussions!


You just told Hatred Edge to shut up wehn he was trying to help you?

Im sending you to the neg rape thread.


I like turtles.


I hope you also know that making this topic also severely violates the rules of the forum. :lol:

I guess that making people wait 30 seconds to read the rules before they can start posting thing isn’t working all that well.