I can't see myself becoming an experienced player in SSF4, please help!


I don’t have self confidence in winning online matches, and I can’t combo very well. What are some good methods of attack? I see a lot of people do those cross ups to trick me and they work. I’m really getting frustrated and I can never learn, damn it.


Methods of attack? Stop playing online, practice in training mode.


What the hell, that’s not being specific enough :confused:


Alright, I’m still pretty bad, but I’ll try to break this down for you. People who play online in ranked matches and all that, are usually scrubs. They don’t know shit about the game, and they abuse certain tactics. Playing against these people will teach you NOTHING. Do not play against online scrubs. If your combos aren’t perfect, practice your combos in training, if you keep getting crossed-up, set the opponent to playback, and practice in training, if you aren’t confident with every single part of your character’s arsenal, go back to training mode, and get it down so you can do it every time.


Play with members of Srk for awhile. Go to Character specific forums and train like ^ said. More practice you get in the better you are.


This. Seriously.

Trying to find some easy way to beat people online isn’t “being good” at the game. Until you feel like you beat them because you had complete control, you’ll never feel like a true winner.


Grow a fucking backbone, just play the game eventually you’ll start getting better.


Where on the forums can I set up matches against players on these forums? Also, how is playing with these people going to benefit me?


[quote=“SaikyoDan, post:4, topic:107205”]

Alright, I’m still pretty bad, but I’ll try to break this down for you. People who play online in ranked matches and all that, are usually scrubs. /QUOTE]

I disagree. If you are getting pretty good connections, even matches against bad to average players will help out your game. You’ll learn how to punish mistakes, how to counter or tech throws, and how to zone another player out.

At the very least, it’s some form of combo practice.

If you’re theory is hat people online use “cheap online tactics”, there’s not much online that straight up doesn’t work offline.


Read the begginers video sticky. There are a lot of things about the game and the way it’s played you probably don’t even know.

Practice a lot and read the Execution sticky.

Go to the character specific forums and read the stickies there, there you will learn the best ways to play your character and the best combos(and how to do them, then practice).

If you don’t think you can win or get better then you never will. No pro athelete says “I’m not going to win this game” before the game starts. Saying you can’t is shutting down getting better as an option because you’ve already ruled it out. If “can’t” is really your attitude then quit.


Oh yes I completely agree with what you’re saying. If you can still play smart, online is an okay way to practice. It’s not nearly as good as playing people you know are good, but it can help you improve quite a few things. Such as, practicing Anti-Air, practicing baiting (this should be easy, you don’t even have to bait the DP’s), and what is really useful, practicing your combo execution. When I started learning Balrog, I could do all his combos quite confidently in training mode, but it’s very important that you are able to execute under pressure, so I spent a few days just playing online to practice my execution while under the pressure of “If I drop a combo, I know my opponent’s mashing DP, so I better not mess up”.

Online however, in my opinion, won’t help you learn your overall footsies too well. A lot of online players I have fought throw those things out that window and either turtle, or come at you with no strategy but “I’m gonna punch this guy till he’s dead”.


There is a XBL and PSN training thread around here. How it can benefit you? Veteran players can identify what you really need to be working through playing matches. If you can’t win one way, try another way.


I just started playing online. I split the first 2 matches, then loss like 8 in a row lol!!! It was crap but every match I was improving with my timing and reading my opponent. I was hanging around in the matches, maybe a better combo here or a throw there and my record would have been abit better. At first, it was frustrating but you want to be as good you can, you gotta keep trying. I know there’s a lot I gotta work on.


Everybody saying don’t train online needs to really stfu.

Mike Ross said in that interview he had on Cross Counter after EVO that the vast majority of his training was done online. Now nobody is going to argue that offline training is superior, and I’m sure Mike trained offline as well, but obviously training online is NOT in fact useless. Although getting some people off of here to play Endless with online is better than random ranked matches, practice is practice.


I don’t wanna bring the guy down or anything. But I think the OP has the wrong attitude and needs an adjustment.

You can’t simply say “I can’t see myself getting better” and just expect it to happen on its own. Nobody ever got good at anything without wanting to be good in the first place.

I’m sorry but, its never going to happen with this attitude. Change your mentality first otherwise you might as well just quit now. Constant practice and the drive to get better will yield better results.



Matchmaking forums…

And it’ll benefit you because in general people here tend to be far better at the game than the scrubs in ranked matches online. They actually try to zone rather than just flowcharting.


I think you pretty much set yourself up for failure. If you can’t see yourself getting better, then you’ve already lost. You’re selling yourself too short my friend. In the words of the reigning President Barack, “Yes We Can!.. Yes…W…e… C…a…n…”


Try master most of your characters combos. Figure out their best normals. Read your character forums on here. Play a lot online if your unable to play any good offline competition.


I very much so disagree with what you’re saying. Mike Ross can train online, because he has a ton of experience, is a pro level player, so he knows how to train online. He knows not to play to win online, but to play strategically and that. A newer player like the OP does not have that experience, and at first, I can almost guarantee he won’t know what to do, other than try and win. That is the problem, Mike Ross can do it because he knows what he’s doing, a new player doesn’t get that advantage, so he learns much less from online against random people.


beef up your friends list and have some crack endless battle sessions… make sure you use that mic