I cant seem to be able to combo in SF x T at all

Ive never had this amount of trouble to combo in any fighting game.
Ive even experimented with the timing but it seems to be really strange.
Like I spent almost an hour in trial mode with Ken and im still on #13. Im not getting this timing at all. And itd affect me in a real match. Its kinda frustrating cause Ive been looking forward to this game all week :\ (just bought it today)
Maybe its just me idk. But im having the hardest time making any combo come out smoothly.
-plus just transitioning outta uMvC3.
I normally get the hang of most fighting games… But this doenst seem like its working out.

Any kinda help please.:slight_smile:
Did anyone else start off rough?

-sigh- nvm

You’ve had it for less than 24 hours…just get more practice in.

youtube your character and combos, you will find somthing

Sounds like you’re having trouble with links, which can sometimes be solved by plinking (for example, pressing c.mp, waiting, then pressing c. mp and rolling c. lp + c. mp so that you get two inputs of c. mp). There are some tutorials on it on Youtube that explain it much better than I can, but it’s very useful when you’re getting frustrated by a normal not comboing into another normals. Sometimes you’ll get trials where it looks like a chain combos into a normal special, which wont work if you chain it - that’d be an example of the need for a link. If you want to try a simple one, pick Rolento and do s. lp, s. lp, c. mk, rekkas, sweep.

Also you won’t be using a lot of the combos in trial mode - especially the later ones. With Ken you can just play footsies, use s. mp + s. hp to poke, and stuff like that. The more advanced combos have links, but you don’t really need them - just learn basic stuff, then move on to the more advanced stuff when you feel like you’re ready. :tup:

I have the exact same problem.

I am a pretty decent tekken player, owned almost every tekken game. know my combos pretty well. even though i actually like the character transition and character remodels (except for law obviously), I am starting to really regret having bought this game.

because i can’t complete these combos in the trial and the game is so fast paced I end up button mashing in most fights.

I absolutely can not get this tempo down, I do trials with every character before doing their arcade story, and I can’t get past a certain point with any of them. even with standard stuff like zangif’s stand m punch, m punch, m punch, h kick, I can absolutely not make it, I am lucky to get the 2nd m punch to connect quick enough to count, I make that every couple of times, but even if I do, I can not ever make the hard kick count.

but I’m pushing these buttons faster than I have had to in any other game before. do I need a special controller for this stuff?

why would they make these regular combos so incredibly hard for users, this just makes this game so much less fun for me, which saddens me completely.

if anybody has any idea on how I can improve in my buttons bashing speed please let me know.

If you haven’t played street fighter then it’s going to be hard for sure. I never tried to go into tekken at all but it’s pretty much all chains isn’t it? It has some chain elements which is already easier. You just need to practice, practice and practice. That’s the only way. I started playing street fighter like two months after release and I thought: “What the f*ck is this? This is impossible” Tried to find the easier way and why I can’t do this but besides Plinking (which still doesn’t make it that easier) I just went for trial and error. I can’t land my links 100% of the time but I do practice them everyday. And I’m getting more constant at them.

SF is more about links. You have to hit the next button after your animation is over, which is very different from mvc and tekken. Mash or using turbo will still miss the link more often than not.

One of the easier combos to learn linking, as a total beginner, is Ryu’s cr.MP, cr.MP. This will never chain, it must be linked. Go to training mode, turn the dummy’s blocking to “auto”. Hit him with the cr.MP, and attempt to hit another cr.MP with just ONE button press. If nothing comes out, you hit it too fast. If the dummy blocks it, you went too slow. The correct time to press is usually when Ryu’s arm is coming back from the hit.

Plinking is an advanced trick to double your chances of hitting the link. I don’t recommend it unless you’re already confident with the basics.

It takes practice, but becomes second nature once you get it down = )

thank you both for the insightful replies.

I will definitely continue practicing. it just seems so different from tekken combos that I doubt I will ever be able to manage.

the latest character I have just gotten into trial mode with was bison, and I needed to do his first combo (stand m punch, crouch m kick) I think 80 times to get a success, thus far it seems like I can just not press the buttons fast enough for the combos to work, be because they are always so slow that I can’t get the next move to not be blocked, even though to me it feels as if I’m pressing them almost simultaniously. the next combo was stand h punch crouch l kick, which I can land on a 40% chance, I don’t get why the timing is so completely different on every single move.

but I’m not giving up, I want that platinum trophy and want to be able to win a couple of matches on game night!

thank you all for trying to help.

Im in the same boat as far as linking goes. I cant do it. I feel as though it caters to stick users more than pad users.

Having said that, what I have been doing is practicing the regular L,M,H combo with an EX-special that juggles at the end. Then you can find come up with your own way to end it.

Every character can do the LMH combo into an EX juggle special move and you can create your own combo out of that.

Links have the exact same difficulty on pad as they do on stick, it’s just practise that makes it consistent.

its called practice.

  1. Practice
  2. Practice more
  3. Read up on what it means to link. It seems you still don’t understand. It’s not about the speed you press the buttons, it’s about the timing. This is why you generally can’t mash out the combo. Think of it similar to strictness of Tekken just frame.


It’s about SF4 but the same thing applies to this game.

The trial modes in these games have a bad habit of not really being specific enough about the combo. You shouldn’t think you can’t combo in this game just because you can’t do a trial. Some of them have to be mid-screen or in the corner, some of them mix links in with chain combos and don’t really leave anything but the player’s attempts to figure it out.

On top of that lots of the trials are impractical so that’s another reason why you should just learn your own combos instead of doing something meant to test execution rather than teach bread and butters.

The single best advice I can give you with links such as zangeifs mp mp mp trial is this. (Aoi already mentioned it btw)

Don’t mash. Press the button once. So press medium punch, now after it hits press it again, once. Did the punch come out at all? If not then you pressed it too fast. Slow down. Did the punch come out but it was blocked? Then you pressed it too slow. Speed up your press just a little bit. Using that as a guide you try to find the exact timing you need to make sure it connects.

Why are you just pressing them as fast as possible? That’s not how links work. As people before have said, you press the next button when the animation ends. Try Kazuya’s crouching medium punch into standing light punch. That’s like a 4 or 5 frame link. Its very easy. Don’t just press them as fast as possible. Press the medium punch, wait a split second, then press light punch while standing. As people have said, if the light punch doesn’t come out you did it too fast, if it was blocked you did it too slow.

Ii think I actually do get it, the link would be similar to some advanced tekken combos or basically the exact timing necessary for kaz’s ewgf, which I could both do on a regular basis, after practicing.
but the case here is a little different, that being that the combos don’t hit because the opponents guard is already up, so if you’re telling I’m not connecting because I am too fast and the timing is supposed to be slower or more accurate, that doesn’t make sense to me because I doubt his guard which is already up will not be up if I wait even longer for the next button. I usually have this problem following hard attacks.

I did juri right after bison and I was able to do every trial except for 2, and learn them pretty easily too, I can’t quite land all the jump move 2 crouch move 2 special move 2 special move 2 ex move stuff, that’s still too much pad action for a tekken user like me, but with her I’m sure I’ll get there because with her I didn’t have any “timing issues” or link issues with any of the combos, I seem to have it way more with the more powerful characters, like simple crouch h punch combos I can hardly ever land the next move.

thanks to you guys I figured I’d give it more time, and that there might really be hope for serious tekken heads to master this, and thanks to juri I realized I really can make it happen!

@uncanny doom, thanks for the advice, I’ll be spending a lot more time in training mode from now on.

@vicioushellsing, no doubt. I still haven’t played since my last post, so I haven’t had time to try out the ryu advice yet to get used to the linking, but I certainly will the next time I have a chance to turn my ps3 on, and I’ll try out what you said about zangif too.

@collinzack, makes sense, and I think I get it now, the thing about mashing is, if I notice I’m too fast I just press the button again (mashing) which with helped with bison on his h combos, but I know I need to get out of that now.

oh and yeah, kazuya was the first character I took to the training grounds and one of the first I did the trials with, I noticed that with his (god gotta re-think in this game, I think it was) back low kick low punch medium kick low punch, which is pretty hard to master, or maybe just not possible to connect completely, because the last punch in that string is always blocked, but even the timing for the actual combo has to be pressed way slower than in tekken6, for it to actually roll. but even there I must be too slow because the last punch (even though it is a string) is always auto blocked in training mode.

@jonogunn thanks a lot for the video, very helpful!

Things to keep in mind:
-When the training dummy blocks, that means the combo broke, and the game’s basically letting you know it did.
-As mentioned above, trials are notoriously vague about the context for each hit - position, timing, links vs. boosts; it’s almost like a puzzle game in this regard.
–Another consideration is distance: sometimes a link or combo requires it to be the far version of a regular move rather than the close one, and occasionally still you want to back off a bit so that your move will hit later in its animation and stun the opponent for fractions of a second longer, helping with the follow-up.