I cant smoke weed, but I can eat someones face?


Can someone explain why weed is still illegal? And yet I can get high off of spice, bath salts, and salvia?


No reliable way to tax it

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Eating another person’s face isn’t legal, per se…


coz its an old outdated stupid law…that never got reversed when alcohol prohibition laws got reversed.
probably coz it just wasn’t as popular as liquor at the time.

here’s another stupid law. japan making the depiction of genitals in porn illegal. shit makes no sense. as to why no one reverses that stupid 1908 law…i haven’t a clue.


Probably because of it’s perception in the (general) public’s eye that it’s bad drug. In my (and most people of this generation’s) opinion, weed isn’t society crippling or more detrimental to one’s health than any other legal drug but that’s just an opinion and I’m not a congressman.
This is a good question to look into. I’m betting pharmeceutical companies have been fighting legalization legislation for some odd reason… Probably because it’s an operation where they wouldn’t be able to make a lot of money off of it until they got it out of the general public’s hands. Like oil… Oil…


Bud is easy to grow and with a little more effort, can be some really potent stuff. Reason why it’s illegal still? No one has a solid answer, only speculations.


Because the pharmaceutical industry can’t sell you there super cheap to make pills for exorbitant prices if you are already high. And if they did sell you weed you would get it from someone else for cheaper than they would be willing to let it go for.


No discussion of illegal substances. I thought we covered this plenty of times before. Maybe if you didn’t smoke so much weed your memory might be better.