I can't stand crazy jumpers

Hello everyone,

So i pretty much started VS fighting with SSF4 AE, I had played SF4 at its release back in 2008 at a friend’s house, so i had per say no experience in VS fighting (had played SF2 back in my childhood too but that’s a looooooong time ago).

So I’m playing evil ryu, I’m ranked C with 1200 or so BP and 300PP, I’m pretty much a big noob, I win about 35~40% of my matches.

The players I always lose against and always rage against are crazy jumpers… those guys who jump everywhere aaaaaaaaall the time. I know this is big sign of noobness to jump everywhere because this is extremely punishable, however, I seem to be failing hard at punishing them.
I never ever place my shoryu at the right time or at the right place (it is either too late or in the void), i try to hado trap them, this technique is theorically really efficient, with me it doesnt work AT ALL.

So these people jump and jump, backward, forward, and forward again etc etc and they hit me with stupid one hit specials (fire shoryuken… takes 1/5 of my energy… ahah such a joke… or juri and her fucking air dash accross the screen, which seems to be an overhead because i can never block it).

I hate them so much but i cannot find a way to counter them, and i cannot really train against an AI an AI doesn’t play like that (if i’d listen my inside raging nerd i’d say an AI plays better than these f***ing noob jumpers).

So I was hoping you guys would give me clue about the way to KEEP THOSE BASTARDS ON THE GROUND !

thank you for reading.

Might wanna try the Newbie Saikyo Dojo with a thread like this.

As for some more practical advice, use your anti-air normals more. c.hp and s.rh are exceptional AAs for E. Ryu.

Two words: Anti Air
Very useful tool for this situation.

Yeah, use AA moves, don’t worry about keeping them on the ground, if they want to leap around all over the place, punish them for it. They’ll soon quit it if they have any common sense.

juri’s air dash across the screen? Do you mean divekick? You can block it either high or low. Most of the time her dive kick is actually unsafe on block unless she spaced it perfectly. Chances are you can punish it.