I cant stop dive kick pressure :(

ive been getting owned by this rufus and i dont really know how to get out of dive kick pressure. i can ex.roll out but i dont have like infinite bars to do it… any suggestions?

Back dash…

The biggest mistake people make on Rufus is try to reverse on every dive kick. That’s how he gets in. You can all most bet on 2 - 3 coming every time so just block or back dash then punish if possible. If not, it’s OK. Just back off and return to your strategy. That’s what I do, and it works…

u dont get hit when u back dash? cuz sometimes ill like flop back :confused:

Ya, Abel’s back dash won’t work. If you KNOW another dive kick is coming, you have to close fierce or jump back fierce. Close fierce wins if he jumps again, regardless of what type of dive kick he does (high or low), and jump back fierce is less vulnerable to throws.

You have to guess exactly where he’s gonna be in order to get away. Best thing to do is avoid that situation. If you’re in that situation, you might never get out against a real Rufus player. If you do, win the game before you get put in that situation again.


Watch this video and you will see Rico BD after the first DK. He does it a few times. This gives you enough space to get away from the DK pressure. If you are in a corner, EX roll is your friend.

I would be careful with backdash I THINK that if he spams out some lks after he will hit you

but rico still had a lot of trouble against the dive kick pressure :confused:

I didn’t say it would eliminate it lol, but it helps. You can also FA. It’s risky because you have to time it right, but all this takes time, and repetition.

  1. Block (Try to anticipate throws. If you do get thrown that’s better that eating a DK ultra setup)
  2. BD (once you get a feel for the DK pressure, BD after first DK)
  3. FA (work on the timing)

Spam jab
spam grab

Being patient will go a long way against Rufus.

Be sure to check out the match up thread too… That’s probably why not many are helping you. I’m sure everything is in there.

Being patient is very important like Candace is saying. Rufus wants you to get scared and start hitting buttons. Close fierce works well for me. The thing about getting thrown is that it usually puts you in the corner where your chances of getting hit by an Ultra Combo double. Overall take the throw over the Ultra.

Thx Goose. That helped. I just get too caught up in the game i try to grab too much or start hitting buttons. Im learning the match better now

in the stream with juicebox abel vs marn’s rufus, ive seen him do focus and and immediate release, c.mk, backdash and hp to escape dive kick pressure

Watch rufus tendency’s. Most rufus’s like to double dive and then either tick throw or go for a combo (since his shit is safe!..). Abel’s best bet is to predict that second dive kick and hit st.fp, it will beat his jumping attacks. Remember that the first hit of st.fp is cancel-able as well, so what I like to do is use the roundhouse roll to get out of the corner or mid screen just a light one for mix ups.

I’ve been told that EX.WK seems to work pretty well. Never tested though

I played Rufus in SF4, and still play him in SSF4. I find that if I do Dive Kicks too high an Abel can Falling Sky 'em, or, more commonly, Focus Attack Back Dash. Sao is right though, Standing Fierce is pretty good if you see a second dive kick coming in.

Getting just one mixup is your best bet, so I’d look for a LK Roll to get out if possible. Being that Rufus has low stun a mix-up from Abel hurts big.