I can't take Anita Sarkeesian seriously


I understood her views on how she felt that women were objectified with fanservice such as clad dressed females with great proportions and such, I don’t agree with her views since I feel female characters should be sexy if the creators want that and in a way is pretty empowering, but still understood it.

But this lady now complains about such little things such as how female characters move. She complained about how females sit in comparrison to males and how their hips move compared to males.

Lol majority of females don’t sit and walk like males because THEY AREN’T MALES, they are females. Also women have wider hips then men which explains why they’d move their hips in such ways. Idk why she expects that female characters shouldn’t have feminine features to them.

Even though she is a feminazifeminist, she is clearly shown to be anti-feminine and her arguments are ridiculous. If she felt that people didn’t view her arguments as ridiculous then she wouldn’t disable comments and likes.

She even comes for the majority of M rated games and their sexual/voilent content and talks about how the only games she can really enjoy are those shown as E for everyone and saying that those aren’t games that could be taken seriously as a gamer. Well if you want to be taken seriously as a gamer, how about don’t nitpick every little thing about female characters and bash how both genders in video games are represented as. Leave all the pettiness behind and just enjoy games or else just leave them alone in general.


i saw this lady today that looked like a California Raisin with vitiligo


please dont open this can of worms again.

c’mon son.


Lol at sarkesian and seriously in the same line


She is seriously a fucking idiot.


old news …lets not waste anymore time on her @Preppy


The less we talk about her the less relevent she will be.


She gets paid to troll and play the victim when people bite so that’s what she does, it’s not that hard to understand.


The best way to show that you don’t take someone seriously is to stop talking about them.