I can't win online!

To get started: I main Sakura and play of PS3.

Anyway, anybody I meet online completely annihilates me. I can finish the first 13 trials with ease, and memorized two of the combos, but I never even get a chance to use them. I’m guessing I don’t have the basic mechanics down, but who do I fight to get better at those? Are CPUs any good for practice, or do they hinder one’s ability?

Thanks In Advance :slight_smile:

Hi, welcome to SRK!

Please don’t get discouraged. Nobody is good when they first start out. Sakura is a tough beginner character because she’s really dependent on 1 & 2 frame links to get most of her damage. If you try to play her without using that stuff, you’re basically better off playing Ryu or Cammy.

Still, if you’re determined to keep using Sakura, I am sure you can start winning by improving at the fundamentals of Street Fighter. Check out the Vesper Arcade SSF4 tutorial, read the Sakura wiki page, start understanding the distances at which you can poke with your normals, especially MK/HK, and learn which normals can link into each other (also on the wiki, under Blockstrings). Use some basic blockstrings for your pressure and learn to identify when you land a hit, so you can cancel into Hadoken/Shouoken. Don’t worry about any more advanced combos for awhile.

After you’ve got that down for a week or so, learn how to FADC properly. You want to practice FADCing her EX Shouoken into s.HP, which will open up a lot of combo possibilities for you when you have 3 bars of meter. You can also practice linking LK Shunpukyaku (her spinning kick) into s.LK. It’s a 2F link, but if you get it down, you can do stuff like: LK Shunpu > s.LK > EX Shunpu > Sakura Otoshi or Ultra 2. Very useful. Once you’re comfortable with all of that, you can start learning how to plink and do her 1F links if you want to.

And keep in mind that even though my advice was for Sakura, you can use this same advice with any character you choose to play. Read the wiki, learn your spacing, then basic special move cancels, then tougher and tougher combos gradually. Good luck!

(Oh, and as for the CPU question: sure, that’s totally fine! Don’t get into the habit of playing against the CPU forever or you’ll develop bad habits, but you can use it while you’re still learning a character before you hop online. It’s also useful to train your combos against a target that fights back.)

I didn’t know Sakura was actually a harder character to use than Ryu. I thought they were pretty much the same.

Anyway, I have a one more question:

 What does cl.HK mean (I know c.HK means crouch heavy kick and s.HK means standing)?

Thanks again!

Close Heavy Kick


to put it bluntly just keep practicing. If you don’t practice you ain’t gonna get better. Don’t worry about combos just do your best to win. Being flashy is nothing if you don’t know the basics.

I learned the hard way that you have to lose for years to be any good at fightig games. Unless you are Daigo, who was good from day 1.

Find a training partner. It did wonders for me and I’m sure it could help you too. It doesn’t matter what character they use as long as you both want to get better and don’t mind getting mad at each other a few times lol. The nice thing is you both will start to learn different things that you can share with each other which will help you both out. Besides that, I would recommend hitting the training room and just practicing doing the moves so you can do them on reaction and doing the trials over and over. Best of luck buddy!

That’s pretty common. Combos are tools, not end goals. Sakura has plenty of tools at neutral to use. Anti air with cr.hp and poke with cr.mk and s.hk. Bad people will jump a lot. Take the free damage and pop them out of the air.

CPUs can be great because they are predictable and can get you used to punishing stuff. They’re also awful because they do stuff a person could never do and they also do really dumb stuff like random ultra. Basically, a decent opponent is always a better option.

Thanks for the replies guys. I don’t get annihilated anymore, but I still haven’t won yet. I keep choking towards the end of matches. Would you suggest being defensive or aggressive when you have a lead?

Also, Adon seems to give me a lot of trouble. How should I try to exploit his weaknesses? Actually, what are his weaknesses?

You can kill the most people online with neutral jump HK.
Also cr.hp is a godlike antiair.

when you are really on point with your antiairs and when you use neutral jump in the right moments, you will beat the most beginners and medium players online, you dont need combos.

Also punish hard. A lot of beginners only punish with a throw. this is unbelivable bad. A throw has 3 frames startup, use cl.hp (also 3 frames) xx qcbKK for a hard punish or cr.mk xx shoryuken for bigger range. If you dont know what I am wrighting in the last sentence, learn notations, look up bnbs (breat and butter combos, the combos which are easy and used the most, trials are not bnbs and not optimal or good to use), and learn and look up frame datas.

Just play, DONT play against the CPU, dont play muuuuch stronger people, that also doesnt make fun, search for players at the same level or which are one step better and play with them as much as possible. Stick with sakura.

if you have a way of recording those matches I could have a look at them, if that helps

I don’t have a capture card :confused:
Thanks though

Just play the matches. Then look at your replay channel, and record them with a smartphone or a normal camera in front of the monitor, gives good quality too.

Alright. I wanted to avoid something so shoddy, but If there’s not complaints, then I have no quarrel with it.

If you your hand is not shaky it should be ok. To post a video is maybe one of the best methods to get the best feedback for your game, besides getting advices from your opponent directly.


It was against a C+ Dahlsim playing keep away. One victory and two timeouts. He wasn’t very good, but still.

Also noob question, I was trying to record some video today, but can’t figure out how to replay matches. How does one accomplish this? The replay channel seemed to be giving me other peoples’ recordings.

at the replay channel on the right site are your own recordings

I think there is an option called battle log or recent matches. That’s where your games should be. There is also a separate section for games you saved to your hard drive.

But in regards to your OP, playing against CPU is only good for those who are greenhorns ti fighting games. They let you get used to the game in a not so hostile environment. But be careful because CPU can and will teach you bad habits after playing them for so long. The best practice is against real people. I’d also recommd doing some manual matchmaking on this site. A lot of bullshit on ranked as well as straight up assholes

^^I Finally got around to posting that video. Please tell me what i’m doing wrong. Thanks in advance for the criticism.
http://youtu.be/kw39aUOj5f8 <<Me fighting a Guy online

Also, how do people consistently do cl.HP XX L.Tatsu, cr.HP XX L.Tatsu? The timing seems to be too unforgiving.