I can't win online!


Wow, that is a really, really great and helpful post Celerity. You should just cut and paste that for everyone who asks the same question, lol.

Adon is a god you should bow before. Ok, ok, if you want to know a few ‘weaknesses’ I’ll let you know a few. His Jaguar Tooth move (where he flies across the screen diagonally down) is not actually that great. As soon as you see him go vertically up, you can either: learn to tap him out of it with your anti-air (probably crouch hard punch or something - time it right); neutral jump (that is straight up) to avoid it and then get a free combo on the way down (probably hard kick).

Don’t focus against him, at least not often and not near him - you will eat a standing hard kick or a Jaguar kick (the forward flip kick) - both break focus. To beat Jaguar kicks, all you have to do is make them whiff. How? Just move back and forth, if it doesn’t hit you and he lands right in front of you, that’s an easy combo right there, crouch medium kick into whatever you like! There, I’ve said too much…


Thanks! Just beat like 4 Adons.


Okay you didnt played “that” bad for a beginner. Your use of cr.mk as a poke was quite good, and you used light tatsu (which is safe) insteadt or a lot of unsafe stuff, which is good too. You used her focus attack a lot, sakura has a very good focus attack and the reward out of a crumble is also very good for her, but dont overdo it.
Dont focus on lk.tatsu ~ cr.hp link!!! that is too hard for the beginning (1 frame link) and wont made you that much better!!!

Now which was not good. Way too many random air tatsus. I would recommend to drop that completely, just dont do it.

  1. Insteadt of random air tatsus use her strong jumpin attacks, j.hp!!! and j.hk -> more damage and good combo starter. (Really drop the air tatsus, its shit).
    Next step, when you are confident with the basic heavy jumpin attacks (at the right time ofc), mix it up with a jumping crossup attacks (especially after knockdowns), use j.mk !!!

  2. Next step is to hitconfirm !!! I think you didnt used light attacks a single time, they are very important, they lock your opponent in blockstun -> blockstring and let you confirm wether you hit -> combo, or he blocks -> throw. Train it with the j.mk crossup. Do j.mk, cr.lk, cr.lp ~ cr.mk xx hp.shoryuken (this is a two frame link, they are the most common in SF4 and managable).

  3. When you “mastered” that, mix up a tickthrow with a frametrap, this is the basic and strongest thing (I think so, and struggle with it against good sakuras) for sakuras pressure game. Light attacks which locks your opponent donw (especially opponents without reversals and slow moves) and mix up throws with frametraps, for example. cr.lk, cr.lp, throw. Or cr.lk, cr.lp, cr.hp!! xx lk tatsu (which links into cr.hp again or s.lk but dont focus on this at the begining).

Perhaps some people dont agree with this, but these are my suggestions, all the other things, good defense, blocking crossups, teching throws, automatically come with playing a lot. But for a start, or a plan, try what I mentioned-


Simple tips mate:

Don’t jump in so much, something that can be hard to do, I know I have the problem sometimes. When you don’t jump in so much at the opponent chances are greater that he won’t be expecting the few times you do. Feel free to neutral jump from time to time, jump up and down, and use hk. Don’t over do it though.

Also when they jump you, use her crouching hp, it’s really really good.

Listen to what MissionSchabernack said, learn hitconfirm and use her focus it’s really good.

Block and punish! Rinse and repeat!


Oh my god… what have I done?! :crybaby: I have betrayed my Adon brethren.


Thanks guys. I’ll try out what you just told me.

I can do j.hk, cl.hp xx l.tatsu, cr.hp xx l.tatsu pretty consistently now. Is it still a bad combo?


It’s a good combo, if you can do it consistently. Good job if you got it down!


The point was that you should focus on the fundamentals before you focus on combos. If you already have your combos down, then all the more power to you.


Seriously, I also thought I got Abels combo down a view months ago. Step kick ~ cs.hp which is also a 1 frame link. To do it in the training room or in a match, where your opponent is moving and where you have to fear the mashed reversal, where it actually counts that you DONT drop the combo, where you have only that one!! opportunity with that one good step kick which can turn the round into your favor…

it is not easy to have THIS consistently. seriously. I believe that you can do it consistently in the training room after 1 day -> GOOD JOB!!!
But to do it consistently in the fire of a match, in that ONE moment where it counts, that is hard and takes… really… it takes weeks !!! or months. You really have to burn it into your brain, the muscle memory, it takes some time, thats natural.
Just go on, I mean try to do it, you cant do more, just try it in the match, in the beginning you will perhaps fail, but doesnt matter that mutch, you can still hit, even if you dont hit the link, that is the only way to practice it, in doing it in a match.

When you are able to hitconfirm out of light attacks, which you should focus on, its really important !!! Then you mastered a really important basis of sf4. You will have it much easier to learn other characters, and you learned the most basic 2 frame links. After that it is much more easier to learn the 1 framer then the other way around.