I caught my underage brother drinking

…water from his smoking pipe, and now he looks kinda pale green. he said it was good shit, but thats probably cause hes heaps whacked anyway. he also said he wanted to do this before he dies/bucket list

can u get high from drinking water pipe water? the water was pretty black. also, smoking the resin in the stem, yay or nay?

From what I heard you just get sick (you’re just drinking water and ash) but I’ve never known anyone who actually did it.


That’s a good way to get sick…

You should have told him to chase it with some Jack Daniels, then took him to go find a hooker and do blow off her crusty stomach.

The water won’t get you high but the resin will.

I wanna party with your little bro, brah!

Did he die

Not sure how it breaks down when you drink it
-Like eating it?

I wouldn’t don’t do it cuz it smells/taste weird. Or have a bong :frowning:
but if you’re dry you’re dry!

Why would he want do that, that water is so fucking disgusting

THC is fat soluble so there is very little of it in water. This is just dumb and gross stuff young guys do for the thrill of it.

You roll it up in a ball and smoke it.

well played

at first based on the thread title i thought you were gonna make a troll thread about underage drinking and 12ers who didnt know your troll ways would try to respond seriously

but then i clicked the thread and it turned out to be about drinking bongwater, which was like some inception level type trolling shit. a troll within a troll.


We gave our football rookies 40s filled with bong water and made them drink it before they were allowed to actually drink, and none of them got high. So no, sadly.