I Challenge Mike Chaos @ EVO



Mike Chaos has backed out of the bet since Dark Prince is now banned from EVO. All bets are off. Sorry folks, can’t help it when one side pussies out.


Who got the better Crotch Chops would be better to see. lol


Is this going down? I sidebet whatever amount on DSP.


good luck to you both.


didn’t you say that if you ever tried to play a marvel money match again everyone was allowed to punch you in the face?

mike is pretty good at marvel, i don’t know how good you are but i know you aren’t a top player, so really, what is the point of this thread if not to attract more attention to the queen of hate?

this shit wouldn’t even be that hype, nobody cares about your marvel game dsp, from what it seems, you aren’t even that good at st

i say drop this match and try and hype up potter vs smoothviper (a match which will no doubt eclipse your proposed money match in both scope and importance)

also, i like justinw and nki over you in st at evo east


because i like free money, thats why!

this isnt’ about hyping it up to Duc-Sanford proportions, this is about me paying for my trip :rofl:

any other questions?


so who won that hyped up money match DARK PRINCE VS CLOCKWORK?


hey dsp, i didn’t know you were gay.


clock 10-4


I got 100 on Buff Mike. I got respect for Phil cuz he’s got balls, but Mike is actually not that bad in marvel.



Mike chaos will rape DSP, I just wont be there to bet it.


i like mike for $100


you should know what’s best for you phil and back out now before you prove yourself a moron once again when it comes to marvel money matches


viscant has been reported saying he perfected mike chaos with sent a couple weeks ago make your bets accordingly


First post updated with known bets. Also someone please get Mike to accept this bet officially.


Damn it phil, I had your promise to never get involved with mvc2 ever again SIGGED. For over a YEAR. Will we really have to beat the shit out of you this time? LOL


i can attest that buff mike is not garbage at Marvel. He may have been off that day against jay, but im letting you all know right now DSP is not beating Mike Fto10.


20 on DXP, phil please practice yo…You should have called him out in low tier marvel but what ever yo good luck…


Yo I like mike EASY, for the record I too thought he was garbage when I first met him and saw him play (and on the arcade he was). Then one day I was on the head to head at ffa saw someone beasting, assumed it was reset or someone else. I asked him “What happened? You got super good…” He said “I’ve always been this good, haven’t gotten any better. I’m just finally getting good in the arcade” Me coming from the same place I knew what he meant. Anyways You will get raped. But to make up for your loss…I’ll money match you in both X-men and Marvel. You have a guaranteed win in x-men I have a good chance (I think) to win in marvel. 50 bucks both games. Basically if you get lucky in mavel you win 100 if not we break even. first to 5 each game? Or best of 5 each. Which ever you choose.


Yea, Mike will win…


yo we really can punch dsp since he’s involved in a marvel money match? im really looking forward to evo!