I could use a 2nd option of some trouble Shooting [Fixed]

Okay I was working on a Dual mod set up involving a MC Cthulhu with an Imp and a Xbox 360 Mad Cat SSF 4 Fight pad. I tested the stick using the USB jack, the Cthulhu side works fine but I can’t get it to switch to Xbox 360 mode (Cthulhu is Primary and the 360 is secondary on the imp). The USB jack works, but not the RJ 45 pass though, I am using a Switchcraff pass though instead of Neutrik (because I working with a wooden stick case.

So the PS3/PC side works, but not the Xbox 360 and not the RJ 45Jack / Ethernet cord. On USB PC test the stick comes up as Cthulhu and not 360 on every test.

I tested the ethernet patch cord with a multimeter and every pin is fine, and I double check my RJ 45 to USB cable. Its fine. I not going to make other system cables till I fix whats wrong first.

[Edit] Okay, long story short I found out what I did wrong and the issue fixed.