I couple of questions




I just want to know about these keys (J. HK, cr. lk, cr. lp, cr. mk, lvl.2…) i need a history reference of this, what’s that mean ?

and wich are the best groove for Rock


i’m not sure what it is you’re asking but that looks like one of his combos. :lol:

imo, rock’s best groove’s are K,N,A, and C. it’s more a personal preference thing.


Things before the “.” are what position you’re in.
c or cr = crouching
s or st = standing
j or jp = jumping (in air)

Things after the “.” are what button you press.
lk or short = Light Kick
mk or forward = Medium Kick
hk or roundhouse - Hard Kick
lp or jap = LightPunch
mp or strong = Medium Punch
hp or fierce = Hard Punch

This should let you work out anything.
J.hk = In air press the ‘Hard Kick’ button.