I started a new thread because I wasn’t sure if feeding off an old thread would get me the answer i’m looking for cuz I didn’t want to ressurrect old stuff ya know. Anyway I live in So. Cal and just moved to a new apartment a few months ago. At my last pad I had a killer connection with Time Warner doin one of those cable and internet combos for like $90.00 a month and NEVER had lag probs. while playing online. I mainly play Tekken DRO. I can’t remember the mbps or ping level i had at that time though. Moneys been kinda tight and I FINALLY got enough to get back on the net. My roommate unfortunately already set the pad up with Direct TV for television ONLY and has a 1 year contract with them and with what I’ve heard about they’re internet prices and service I said to hell with that.

So I saw a deal with Time Warner’s “Road Runner” Cable internet and went with them paying $29.99 a month for 6 MBPS on download. I guess that’s not 2 bad around here… So as it turns out I pretty much got HOSED and when I ran a test on speedtest I came up with a ping of 28ms, download @ 1.49 mbps & an upload speed of 0.36 mbps!!! SAD to say the least…

So to get to the real point of it all, WHAT IS A MUST when it comes down to the nitty- gritty of having a GREAT connection??? I talked to Time Warner and they assured me that they would fix the problem and roll over the past monthly bill due to they’re mess up so if anyone can tell me from they’re experience 's with ISP’s and knowledge about PING and upload/ download mbps I would GREATLY appreciate it so I know what sort of plan I should be paying for to get that QUALITY connection back! thanks a million everyone… Get as detailed as possible or PM me if you can with anything else you got for me.

Oh and to add to that I am running my PS3 wireless to my router. I was using a BELKIN wireless N- router http://www.circuitcity.com/IMAGE/pr...LK.F5D82334.JPG and had nothing but UNREAL problems with it. Called Belkin after numerous problems with getting kicked on and off and downloaded ports, updated firmware etc, you name it I prolly spent hours messin with it…I switched to a Linksys Wireless G router that my buddy recommended http://www.rcsnet.com/www_site/pix/products/WRT54G2.jpg that was way cheaper then the Belkin and surprisingly I have a constant 100% connection with it. I’ts less then 5 feet from my TV and Ps3… So, this is as technical as I can get without goin nuts if I haven’t already! Anyone got some wisdom + tech savvy stuff to throw at me??? Hopefully so. I’m missing playing good matches on my days off. Thanks again Everyone!

link was broken for Belkin router… http://s3.gadgetreview.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/belkin-n-wireless-router.jpg

for the ps3 prob. try turning off media server. thats usually the cause of getting dc all the time. well it help me when i kept getting dc n reconnect alot.

Thanks for the info… but I already tried that. I don’t dissconect anymore… I just have lag matches that make it almost IMPOSSIBLE to play with. But Thanks for giving a D*mn:wonder:

lag matches sucks. its prolly not u then if u have 6mb connection… most of the time its ppl using there computer dling stuff while playing…
i used to have 2mb connection lags all the time esp with voice chat on… lucky i got 16mb connections =OP

haha. yeah I stay away from voice chat rooms because of that question. If i have lag in a room with no mic. “I’m goin out on a limb here” but I’m pretty sure being in a mic’d room wouldn’t be any better. Thank you for your time though pal… I really appreciate it. Of course if you have anything else to ad in the near future i’m all ears =) Have a good one

Are they the only ISP in your area? Probably not if its CA. Call them up and tell them to send out a service tech. Have you already tried hooking it up with just a normal wired connection? It’d be good to rule that out.

i had a similar problem when i had dsl at my old apartment. my quick dirty solution was to take out the filter on the line connected to the dsl. iimmediately my dl speeds increased to where they shouldve been. hope it works for you too

@ KYLE… No. They are definitely not the only ISP. We have Verizon DSL but the FIOS is not available on our street yet. From what they told me it is about a block from here but I’m SOL on my street, As far as hooking it up wired I will try that =) Thank You… but even then what if my TV were in another room in the future and a wired connection was not an option. I want to know what amount of mbps/ ping is necessary to KEEP a constant connection wirelessly if possible. Thanks for the info . I’ll try that now

@ datdude916… I have a cable connection not DSL. No filters are connected to my modem since a phone line isn’t needed =) Thanks though

How do you turn off ps3 media server?

^go 2 settings. Go to network connection settings and it will say media server somewhere on there. You have an option to enable or disable =) Vwah- Lahh…

So back 2 the main subject no offense… Any other suggestions?