I did a cover of The Road, Ryu's theme from Street Fighter Alpha 3


Just got a chance to play the Alpha games for the first time recently, love them, can’t believe I never got a chance to play them as a kid but it’s awesome to be able to discover all this stuff now. Zangief is so beastly and I love Bison but as far as the music goes this is definitely the one I knew immediately I had to learn to play. Great song. But anyway, yeah, please check it out and let me know what you think.

Just adding this in here, finished Rolento’s theme from Alpha 3 today.


Nice job man!


Thank you, ollie! I’ve got another one from Street Fighter, Q’s theme from Third Strike.


cool man! nice hat!


Thank you, ollie! I was trying to go for a Q look, couldn’t find the whole costume but I figured a snazzy suit would work, ha ha.