I didn't know fighting games were so difficult

Whenever I’m playing this game, it seems like such a chore just to get a win. How are most people better than me? What am I doing wrong? How can I improve?

I play as Guy but recently I’ve been practicing on Yun. I’m not really getting anywhere with both, and would maybe like to pick up a different character. I’ve been thinking either Vega or Adon for my next pick.

Here’s some abysmal gameplay of my Guy to give you guys a general idea: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiH7krly2R4

You didn’t know they were difficult?

Well now you know. It’s not easy. I spent more times losing than winning when I first played fighting games. Nobody picks it up and wins instantly.

If you are here complaining about how fighting games are difficult, then it is not for you.

If you wanna get better, you are better off using your energy to keep playing and playing until you get better, instead of wasting your time on SRK posting a useless thread about how hard it is.

BTW: When I first played SF4, back in Vanilla, I went on this very forum and complained that Ryu and Sagat was too cheap. Oh, so I know how you feel brutha.

Let’s lock this thread.

I would suggest not to pick up another character that has some “through the air” option like adon that can adjust his arch.It will work well early on but you will hit a brick wall later because people will stuff it every time. It promotes bad habits.

This topic isn’t meant to bash on anything. I simply just need more help understanding how to get better after my failing attempts since I started playing seriously when SSF4 original came out.

Good to see you have come to the forums to get some advice. This is definitely the first and best place to get advice rather than trying to message people online which I have had numerous times and which is bloody annoying and a waste of time.

Having watched your video, I’m interested to hear why you play as Guy. From the game play it doesn’t seem as though you are aware of how to play as Guy i.e. get the opponent in the corner and keep him there. To be fair to you though, Guy is a difficult character to start off with. However the Ryu you were playing was very sloppy. You were jumping around the screen far too much in a rather uncontrolled manner and the Ryu just capitalised on your mistakes. You don’t need to be so eager to cause damage. Opportunities will create themselves.

In your choice of characters you have listed three circular motion characters all of which have completely different tactics and a charge character - this seems pretty random. The most important thing to do when you pick up a fighting game is to look at each character’s moveset and from that pick a character to focus on. Don’t attempt to pick a character because they have a cool design or back story or you think you look like them etc. Do the character trials! It will really help you decide which kind of character you like. I myself prefer charge characters because I find the motions easier to execute. As a recommendation I would say pick Ken if you find circular motions easy or Blanka if you find charge moves easy… Oh and please don’t pick Vega, at least for the time being - he will cause you much frustration especially at beginner level.

Another thing I noticed was that you didn’t perform a single combo… not even a 2 hit combo! The ability to combo is fundamental to winning especially when you have the opportunity to punish the opponent. A single attack will usually take off around 90-120 damage. A 2 hit combo will take off around 200 damage! Poking should never be the way to win a match (except at extremely high skill levels). You must learn a character’s combos! If you are on the ground, you should be looking for a 2 hit combo e.g. crouching medium attack -> special attack. If you are jumping in, you should be looking for a 3 hit combo e.g. jumping hard attack -> crouching medium attack -> special attack.

Put some more videos up when you’re able to use a few basic combos in a match.
You could have a read of a post I put on EH - http://forums.eventhubs.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=4568&p=60184&hilit=johnry#p59966.

Things I noticed,

Never use a slide move if your too close. Guy has a lot of range, light kick, medium kick, slide heavy kick, running slide kick. Don’t use something with too much start up close range and don’t land a move to close that you’ll leave yourself open, always try to hit on the edge with something.

That Ryu player uses uppercut you have to use a slide kick as he lands if not step closer and do a combo or if really far away use Guy’s running slide right away.

You walk into wake ups often, never use a standing attack on wake up unless it has long reach, always go for cross up, anti crouch or sweep. Even then you should block in the case they mash uppercuts on you. Knowing they are uppercut happy you could’ve easily just punished after he mashed it.

Guy is a very floaty character but make use of his falling attack with down medium punch, great for getting over stuff and not running into anti air.

You also don’t seem to block much, the thing is your not suppose to block much but at least block when your close enough to get hit and not fast enough to react unless your on the offense. It’s also a safety messaure to hold back or down back when using a poke or move so you automitaclly block right away when possible.

If you see a person using a focus attack, you can grab them by stepping closer or even grab them as they are about to hit you. The safest thing to do is jump backwards but if your in a corner use a focus breaker move or just grab.

You also don’t know any combos because you grab too often when you could’ve used a combo for more damage. If you want to make use of Ultras then learn how to use focus attack offensively and only try it defensively if you get really good. Even if the other person isn’t very good at least he’s trying to use all his options.

At the end, you could’ve used an EX uppercut to go through his ultra and punish him.

Those are just my thoughts though, keep that in mind.

stop sucking

I win a lot more than I lose.

Feels good.

Just keep playing and you’ll eventually get better. Starting out, expect to lose most, if not all of your matches.


costco, try using the newbie saikyo dojo where people are tons less dickish. You won’t be getting wildly snarky answers from the 1000 people who tied for 1st at evo the last ten years running but I’m sure you will get the answers you are looking for.

All these fools posting useless stuff. I know what you want. U don’t want nonathat technical explanation sheeit, you just wanna win I dig.

In that case, pick El fuerte.

Ok please don’t pick El fuerte, pick a character which requires all the basic elemental street fighter stuff like decent combos and spacing. Picking Guy I can see how you would be angry since you’re not going to win with him anytime soon, he’s not the hardest but definately no beginnner character. You should try a shoto (Ryu is probably still the pinnacle of street fighter basics).

This coming from the kid who cries about grapplers all day:

I’ve seen a lot worse than you but you do need work. You do a lot of unsafe things like too many low sweeps in the beginning, it was too predictable. Then you jumped around too much and that’s a sign of a scrubby player because it’s pretty unsafe. I don’t really know how Guy works so I can’t comment on your style but it seems like you’re not using links and cancels like you should. Your timing and patience was poor as well. Do you use a stick? Or something else?

got ya ass whoop’d didn’t ya Kappa

I use a stick yes. I could upload another match from a while ago that I know for sure shows me doing basic combos.

ok, just stop sucking then.

If it makes you feel any better: I didn’t know they were difficult either, and I’ve been playing for years.

First off fuck all the dickheads that could have easily ignored this post but instead wrote a shitty comment. Now on to you, things I’ve noticed you’re relying on Guy’s slide way too much. It’s extremely punishable using it at such a close range, get out of the habit of using it so frequently.

Also keep in mind at lower level play people like to mash reversal so don’t stand close to them after knocking them down. You can try baiting it out by backdashing but really random shoto players may wake up with a tatsu instead. You also have a heavy emphasis on using special moves, while not resorting to Guy’s normals. Normals are your friends get to know them, plus Guy has some decent normals so use them and fish for a chance to get damage. All and all take your time and play patiently. You rushed in way too recklessly and gotten eaten alive for it.

Moving to the Guy board since that seems to be your first main character. Read up on the other character boards…a lot…to get insight on where you may or may not be going wrong.

Edit: also for basics, look into the Newbie Saikyo Board.

Here is my other video of me playing Guy again: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRoN79lpGpc

I feel that this is one of my strongest efforts playing, but this match was recorded before AE came out.