I didn't know kids in Massachusetts got down like that...1st graders receive condoms



This is mad, what do you guys think about this?

didn’t this same exact thing happen in South Park?

their thinking of changing the rules. The govenor wants it to only be highschool age that gets them, personally i think it should be middle school and up. When i was in middle school sex wasnt a big issue but it was clearly becoming more of one with people. Now its really blown up, and middle schoolers are just as active as high schoolers.

That school is run by pedophiles.

Lol I’m not sure; never really got into South Park :confused:

I’m all for sex education over trying to keep kids abstinent but elementary school is young. Any kid having sex before puberty is almost always the result of a sexual abuse history (usually by the father). If anything CPS should be called in to investigate.

First graders will be given condoms if they ask for them. Is that really going to happen outside of the obvious joke cases? If a first grader is even asking for a condom in order to have sex, what can you do? Give them a condom and call social services, or not give them a condom and call social services. The condom is the least of your worries in that case.

Also, it’s nice to see that a lot of parents are still complete idiots when it comes to their kids, maybe starting in 6th or 7th grade, having sex. Nobody’s kid would do THAT…except the ones that do and end up pregnant. Maybe idolizing Disney sluts is the problem and not condoms, but I digress.

This is just another example of the media overhyping something. Even the thread title is misleading.

Yea it did. But it was in Ike’s Kindergarten class.

They can’t even pop one yet…


Can a first grader even get a boner?

Well all the fat girls are saying its disgusting. But that old lady gets down, check out her reactions to it. She’s laughing about it. Oh yeah, she’s down.