I didn't see a general discussion thread. Patch release E.T.A. for 360?


Just wondering if anyone knows more on me if we will be seeing this patch tomorrow or soon hopefully.


Which patch do you mean? I’m curious


The patch to fix the 360 online.

I haven’t heard anything since they said it was in testing, but I would expect it within the week.


They said it is in testing. I’m hoping its this week. I need to crack out online this weekend.

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According the the Atlas reps on the Cross Counter stream last night, the patch has been submitted to Microsoft and is just waiting approval.


Are patches like that only released on Tuesdays? If so we’ll have to wait till next week.


I think patches can come out whenever. Tuesday is when the XBLA is updated.


Apparently MS approval/certification tends to take in the area of two weeks, if there’s no problems with the patch. I highly doubt we’ll have it in a week, but hopefully the next one. And I think patches can go live as soon as their approved. I know I’ve had patches become available for games on days that weren’t Tuesdays.


I think Microsoft can fast track a patch in certain situations (has been discussed before by developers). Considering that this only affects the 360 version which means losing sales to PS3, M$ might have a reason to push it through.