I didnt think he had it in him


So I went home to my parents house this past weekend. I was sitting with my pops telling him about sfiv and he said to me " That the one with the guy who has the killer uppercut and that Asian broad who kicks alot?" I told him yeah totally how did you remember. He said " You dont remember when we got your snes and we used to play?" Keep in mind this was almost 20 years ago… So of course I handed him my extra fightpad along with a challenge. I gotta say I’m proud of my pops man it took him all of about 15 minutes to remember a game he hasnt played in like 20 years. To bad for him I’m a lot better then I was when I was 7 :).

I was curious if others got the chance or still get to play video games with their parents? I dont have any kids but if I could play video games with my son on Fathers Day I couldn’t imagine a better time.


My dad and I used to play Mortal Kombat (first one) on the Genesis back in the day. :lol: I was around 7 years old or something.


My pops and I used to play Contra all night back when we were stationed in Korea. My mom never got the grasp of Mario Bros, but was pretty good IIRC in Dunk Hunt.


Me and my dad used to play alot of Streets of Rage, Tekken 1, and some racing games together, but haven’t done any of that in a really long time.


My dad and I used to play a lot of Donkey Kong Country and some Kirby Superstar. Those were the days


Yeah it brought a lot of memories back… I remember playing Micheal Andretti for hours on end. Thats one of the first things he brought up when I mentioned video games.


My dad threw a Sega Game Gear at me…does that count?


Did you catch it? If yes then it counts.


Yeah…with my forehead.


My dad and I used to play hella SNES/NES together back in the day.

I have never played a game together with my step dad.


My dad would play whatever game it was I was playing at the time that had multiplayer, including Street Fighter. He was a big fan of “Fee” Long.


My dad was a killer Mariokart 64 player… he was godlike. Peach all day every day.


My Dad had a good amount of gamer in him back in the day. We use to battle it out on Arch Rivals and Mortal Kombat. During that era, he actually became fond of Balrog (since he looked liked Mike) and become somewhat decent with him.

My son is 5, I’m sure I’ll be able to hold my own when he gets into games.


my dad and I used to play a lot of games together, but not since Nintendo. I remember playing bases loaded, mario, zelda, and a shitload more with him. He fucks around with Guitar Hero and Wii now, and I always try to get him or my mom to play, but they never do. I hate people who use the excuse “I am no good at video games” to not play them

hey, guess what…if u DO play them, you WILL get better


LOL yeah thats my Mom right there. My dad she said owned at pong but after that she never played much.


Yeah… I remember playing MvC2 alot with my dad, of course in my small town the fact that I could beat the computer on the hardest difficulty on the dreamcast meant I was good… of course I couldn’t do even the most simple air combos… but we played it like… well its embarassing seeing how Marvel is supposed to be played, but we had so much fun…

I played alot of games with my dad though, Diablo, Diablo 2… pretty much anythign hack and slash he was on board… of course he got a PS3 and I have a 360 and he long since gave his life to Demon Souls so that was the unfortunate end of our gaming together lol… until Diablo 3 comes out.


My dad has his own PS3 and has beaten Resident Evil 1-5, Metal Gear Solid 1-4, Silent Hill 1-3, both Modern Warfare games, and still regularly plays Gran Turismo Prologue. He’s a pretty active gamer. I just pre-ordered Gran Turismo 5 for him for Father’s Day.


Only game my dad likes is Paper Boy on the C64, games today are too fast and require to many buttons.


Yeah my Pops remembers SF2. His lil bro(my uncle) played it a lot. Just the other day he asked me how do you spell Ryu because he wanted to google Ryu pics and use it as his Facebook picture.


I’m jealous…My dad never played games with me. i think the most I ever got out of him was trying Sonic 2 when i got it for X-Mass the year it came out. He died like once and that was that…I don’t really have any kind of father son memories with my dad now that i think about it.