I do custom southpaw and legacy mods if anyone interested

Hi I am rather new here but just wanted to let everyone know I do southpaw controller mods for almost any console and almost any model even 3rd party type.

I have mainly been doing 360 wireless and the ps3 six axis but I can do pretty much any controller mod you would like with different options.

here is a link to one of my service link on build your own arcade controls.


I also can build custom arcade fighter sticks out of console controls.

You might want to post this in the trading outlet with prices for your mods. There are tons of people here that need that kind of service. Good luck with everything.

Hi I was not sure if I even had the right tpic to be posting this in I will try to find the correct one but is it possible someone could post a link here just in case I cannot find where something like this belongs.

Thanks Guys.

The six wire thumbstick and clicker mod picture looks nice. I always appreciate clean work, so my hat’s off to you for that. But, dude, never do that kind of wiring for Dreamcast using first party pads. I’m anti-hot glue as well, but that’s a matter of choice. The first party DC pads have bad lag on the HAL effect sensors from the analog sticks and triggers. If someone wants that kind of work in the future, hunt down one of the third party pads with the six face buttons (with C and Z). No lag, and easier to hack.

Can you build custom controller converters?