I do not want to live on this planet anymore



Nine Year-Old Beats Toddlers at Day Care

what in the flying fuck did I just witness…God help us


We had a good run as a species. Looks like it’s near it’s end.


I think it’s for the best that we are wiped off the planet. Hopefully the roaches have a better run at things.


Who actually watches those channels let alone T.V.?
Internet rules!


I had no idea this show was made, TLC is a channel? I will just go back to not knowing shit about it.


Land of the free.

TLC has fallen hard on times.


why the fuck did i click that link…


Oh well, It’s not like I’m watching TV a lot or something.

Another reason not to.


Looks better than Jersey Shore.


And I thought G4 was bad…


All “The Learning Channel” has taught me is to hate humanity.


…Ignorance is bliss, man.


Nobody ever seen The Only Way is Essex?

It’s a British “Show” that is more or less AIDS in a more physical form.


My EYES!!!



And I thought VH1’s Mama Drama, and people’s reaction to Animal Planet’s Mermaid’s The Body Found was bad.




It’s a glimpse into the future: Honey Boo, Spawn of Snooki


million upon million of children starving and the greatest nations in the world do nothing to help, and this is what makes you hate humanity?

Now I truly don’t want to live on this planet.


This planet sucks moving to Jupiter. Humanity disgust me. I never wanted to live on this planet in the first place had enough of this world.


if there is a time to use this gif
is this one