I don't ask or give handicaps. I find it disrespectful

How do you feel about it? I don’t like giving seconds/handicaps/ask them to pick my characters/ because it doesn’t help my opponent improve in any way. Specially if I’m facing a stranger. I always bring my A-game and I never, ever, give up.

I hate it when you are just whooping someone and they suddenly just start walking towards my punches. Dude, it’s not over till it’s over.

i agree

You wouldn’t happen to be the ShinAkumax that was stomping me a week ago or so on 3s on XBL, would you?

I never play online. Ever. I find lag an abomination unleashed upon the fighter community. I bring excellency to all aspects of my life, including street fighter. I’m not as committed as I one was but if I’m facing you. I want there to be no excuses to the outcome of the battle.

It’s a video-game. Press your buttons, regardless of the manner you do it in, as long as you enjoy it. Don’t hate because people have another method of playing because they live in secluded/rural areas.

Guess it was a different guy then, had the same alias as you (I think). Oh well.

Exactly. It could be disrespectful to do such a thing to a stranger, but among friends who cares? If everyone involved is having a good time, no harm, no foul.

To you it might be a video game. To me it’s a great example of wills colliding. Warriors in the arena. Mano a mano, skill and talent hand to hand to defeat your rival. It’s a thing of beauty.

This doesn’t just happen. It takes a great deal of effort just to find people to play that are decent at the game. It’s a small community and if we both took the time and effort to meet. I want you to respect the game and respect me.

I’ve been in the game for over 15 years man. It’s always fun and I never take it to heart nowdays. Not that was always that case.

As I grow older, I grow more fond on the community and my hobby. I’m a casual player but I always seek stronger opponents and when I find one. I seek to defeat them and get better.

I’m not ashamed of playing street fighter. I see so many people say it under their breath as if they were ashamed. I have no problem telling someone about that aspect of my life. I respect everyone that still plays and whup them young wipper snappers into shape if they get mouthy.

Tick, Throw, Bitch, old school style.

I bring pride and honor to everything I do. Street Fighter included. I understand if some of you folks thing I might sound crazy. People in love often sound it. But I love every aspect of my life and everything I work towards, Street Fighter included.

Respect for things isn’t the norm nowdays, but it once was. That’s who I am, that’s how I roll.

^ ^ ^

Giving 100% in every aspect of life is respectable. Your thoughts on Street Fighter are fucking brilliant. The rush I get just thinking about going to EVO and playing people better than me, but having the confidence to believe I can overcome them, contributes greatly to my love of the game. To me the fun is in meeting that person who can shit all over my SF game. I see where you are coming from.

M’f’n Edit: And I couldn’t be more proud to declare Street Fighter a hobby of mine. I don’t give a fuck if people think its “nerdy.” Who decided whats nerdy? Fuck you idiot, go collect your collared Abercrombie shirts and pop those fucking collars. And I am the nerd? Fuck off. Street Fighter is as cool as the player presents it. When people ask what you do for fun, and you say Street Fighter, and they try to act like you are the strange one, just flip that shit. Make them feel like an idiot for not playing. I pull the shit constantly. ShinAkumaX, your word is fucking bond. Godspeed sir.

It all depends on the situation and the reason your playing at that time, are you actually trying to practice for the tournament? are you trying to meet new players? Are you trying to practice certain aspects of your game?

It’s not just the opponent that should be trying to improve, and if your just walking over people with stuff you already mastered, and they aren’t really understanding whats going on, neither of you are getting better and you’re both just wasting time IMO.

Sometimes a little creativity does wonders, some things i’ve seen are:

  • learning the character of your opponent and beating opponents they have trouble with. It gives you new common ground, and you get to add a new character to your arsenal.

-if it’s on console you could change the stars and still play seriously. The stronger player will have to play more carefully instead of saying “I can afford to play sloppy because this guy won’t beat me”. And the weaker player will have a better chance of noticing their problems, since they will be getting hit by the same thing 10 times more a round (depending on how the stars work in the game). Of course the point isn’t to stay that way, but hopefully the weaker player will get better and the handicap will have to be lowered until it’s even again.

I guess thats about all unless there’s more specific situations.

I thought I made it clear enough, I guess I didn’t. Of course things change if you a trying to learn a new thing or something. I was referring more to two people facing each other to test their might.

Although I will say that I’m a firm believer that training with handicaps doesn’t help the situation. Unless the opponents are completely miss matched… then you should look to someone close to you competitive level.

do whatever the fuck you want

if someone is really really bad i like fucking around because it keeps them in the game (unless i’m going to wait more than a turn to get back on…)
if they’re trying to get good i dont fuck around

RAPING someone doesn’t always help. Sandbagging works well sometimes also.

youre a fucking dork

That I am! Among many other things.

I only sandbag when it is people who have no chance of beating me, i.e. people who just want to try out the game and have no intentions of getting better.

don’t you guys auto-sandbag after a few rounds with someone worse than you? it’s not a conscious effort, it just happens because the other guy is so bad you can’t play “good.”

The other day a semi-newbie came up to the MVC2 machine and tried to play. I had Charlie, Silver samurai, and sentinel.

I told him i would do this. I let him kill off my sentinel first with zero retaliation, then my samurai, and i proceeded to easily beat his 3 chars with just Charlie. I would’ve felt bad had i just destroyed him right off the bat with sentinel and no mercy. At least i gave the guy a shot.

Was i wrong for this?

thers nothing wrong with toying wiht ur opponent, but if u toy with them and they some how beat u ur a loser.

if ur facing a newb, then just work on the weakest part of ur game.
like if u play mvc2. dont call any assits or someting. think of something

I don’t like to play newbs because i get nothing out of it and feel bad after i destroy them, but sometimes i will if no one else is in the arcade at the time.

In MVC2 i’ll just pick chars that i’m not at all good with, in order to challenge myself. Dan is always a must pick in this situation, and kinda fun to see if i can catch them in Dan’s 3-meter bomb.