I don't even know what I'm doing :/

Hey there, this is Norik. I’ve been playing fighters casually for as long as I have memory, mostly just button mashing. Like a lot of people, I was really excited when this generation of consoles started because I could finally show off my skills online -except I got my ass horribly beaten several hundred times. The frustration caused me to move from game to game, losing constantly until I finally settled for Soul Calibur and decided to really break the game down to figure out what I was doing wrong. Fast forward into the present, I’ve developed a strong liking for the game and its depth, so I decided to see what else the genre has to offer.

I got my hands on Super Street Fighter IV, SFxT, and Street Fighter III online -this last one being a masterpiece according to a lot of people. I don’t know where to start though. The in-game tutorials aren’t very helpful, so just like I did with Soul Calibur, I’m asking other players for help. I don’t know how much I know, but I can pull off a few matches online with Guile and Cody in SSFIV (though my record in SFIII is beyond shameful). What basic concepts and skills should I learn first? Which game of the three would be best to develop good fundamentals? And which characters are best for beginners?

Oh and also, what other games do you guys recommend? I didn’t like Marvel much because it’s way too heavy on long combos and speed, and Tekken Tag 2 and DoA5 both seem like a lot of fun but the quality of players is probably not too good.

Surprisingly they say street fighter x tekken is the best to learn the fundamentals in. At least with capcom gaming. Learning to chain, link, canceling, option select and stuff like that. Also look up Vesper Arcade on youtube, he has a GREAT tutorial series for Super Street Fighter IV AE. I would offer my help in street fighter x tekken, its the only game i seem to be ok at, but i’m not the bust or anything. Besides the trials are really good, none of the combos they teach you are practical but at the same time they show you what normals are cancel-able. I’ve created a few combos from what I learned on there. I could offer to show you what I know but like i said i’m not the best

I can’t recommend SFxT enough. People will try to downplay it and it’s not perfect, but it’s great for beating the fundamentals into you. You’ll learn very quickly not to recklessly jump around and push buttons without purpose (assuming you play decent players) as you will just be handing them the game playing like that. I would say to avoid ranked if you really want to improve though. Stick to training mode and build up a list of people you can invite to longer sets in endless mode and you’ll get more quality practice for your time invested.

As far as characters in that game, if you’re looking to learn rather than win I’d suggest avoiding the following for various reasons:

  • Heihachi: too easy to become reliant on herp-derp j.hk and strings as a crutch and neglect footsies.
  • Jin: herp-derp reversal is -3 and only loses to throws and a handful of other low-damage or extremely high risk options making it an easy crutch to fall back on.
  • Asuka: NOT a beginner’s character, her neutral game is terrible.
  • Ibuki: v2013 patched her out of being viable, even in casuals.
  • Hugo: Same as above, only not quite as bad.
  • ANY of the guest characters on ps3… they all have less health than akuma.

Everyone else is perfectly viable for a new player imo provided you put in the time to actually learn your team.

If you want additional help with something feel free to hit me up here or on psn if you’re on ps3.

I agree with single minded, but I’m not a awesome player, my recommendation would be to try to learn Lili and Ryu (or Ken) to learn the game with. I main team is Vega/Juri or Vega/Lili (I’ve been told my Juri is more dangerous that my Lili tho)

if your on Xbox hit me up (BT KllrInstinct)

if you don’t know what you’re doing I don’t recommend you trying to play MORE games.

Read articles from Domination 101, Sirlin’s Playing to Win, and the Footsie Handbook. Two of these have links in my signature.

The following tutorials are very helpful, and helped me a lot at getting better at SF in general. The fundamentals of SF2 very much apply to other games, so you absolutely should watch these.

Glad I caught these videos ^^^^ just picked up SSF4AE. Going to give them a watch.

Find local players and see what’s popular in your area. If you live within driving distance from a city, there is probably a local FGC.

Cross Counter/Gootecks did a 3rd Strike Revival video series on youtube ( I can’t grab the link at the moment ) but it really helps explain the pace of the game and the options both players have when fighting each other, and what the parry system adds to the game. Beyond that, Renic also posted a lot of character-specific tutorial videos over the past few months. Once you familiarize yourself with the system and characters, it makes understanding match videos that much easier, which is also a good learning tool to use as you play the game more and more.

If you’re looking to learn the fundamentals of 2D or just looking for a game that’s easy to get into at the beginner level but is still a high level game, you should also take a look at Super Street Fighter II: Turbo. You can play it on GGPO. There are always people to play on there.

Just pick a game that feels right under your hands and invest time into it. Play a lot, read insight from great players, watch high level match footage, anything that helps you improve.

If 3s is the game you like, there is a lot of material out there to help you improve. Same with most Capcom fighters. It’s more important to pick one game you like than than going off what others tell you is good. And keep your attention to a few games you really dig. You can branch out more as you improve if that’s what you want to do.