"I don't even play this game", the ace of spades


No, I mean really, think about it! The perfect way to try to weasle your way out of an ass whipping. I’ve played my share of people that type “I don’t even play this game”, when they’re losing. They usually fit it somewhere in the shitty messaging amongst “lame”, “wtf?”, and “…”.

You can even switch it up and use it for offense instead of defense (excuses). I played a guy one time who was a decent player, so we’re trading wins and he hits me with “Step it up nigga, I don’t even play this game”. But I see you in the chatroom everyday, you play the same character everytime I see you play. You’re improving daily and you seem to know all of the moves of said character and the execution that goes along with it. So what part of this fucking game are you not playing?

So tell me srk, what qualifies you for “I play this game”? Do you have to be so good at a game that the dump you just took can beat the person’s ass you’re playing? Then can you with confidence say to yourself “Man, I fucken play this game!”.

Kara Demons, crossups, rushdown, runaway, mindgames and I still manage to squeeze by it but do you get a “GG” or “Good shit”? Nah, “Bitch, I don’t even play this game.”.


I don’t know what you’re talking about, I don’t play that crap 3S game


I do sometimes tell people that I don’t play the game when we’re playing, it’s the truth. But I only use it when it’s a bad losing streak, and compliment the guy on his skills. It’s a good way to try to stir things up when it’s getting boring for the better player. (No Homo). Of course, when CVS2/MVC2 comes out on GGPO, then the roles are going to switch…


Well its true for me. I don’t play any of those games lol. But I don’t use it as an excuse. I say before hand that I don’t play em.


My fave is “Man I can’t play this on Keyboard…”

gtfo then. It’s rather simple.


Yo bro you know i’m no kb right? Lololol


if someone prefaces a match as such it doesn’t bother me. I’ll typically give a warning that I am new to a game if I am before starting a match. That way they can leave if they don’t want to waste their time


Jason Cole told me that once when I played him in 3s. That asshole.


i say that every time i’m forced into playing a fps.


option select


This one guy on 2DF, I played him regularly in Garou for about… 4 months maybe? He was PMSing today I guess because I was beating with badly with Kain after we traded wins while I used other characters. Tried to pull the whole “I dont play this game” thing when he tried to justify his losses. That really doesnt make sense considering I’ve been playing with him for a while.

Then he went on about Kain and Grant being broken (as well as Geese/Billy/Krauser/Jins/Yamazaki/Laurence in RB2, Kusanagi/Orochi Team in 2k2, etc.) and you really dont need to know the whole story. Basically he used “I dont play his game” as a bitch-ass excuse when he couldnt come up with better points against me.


If you pressed start, you play the game. It’s like saying that you’re not gay while someone enjoys your behind. You are gay, and you do play whatever game you’re playing when you try to deny that fact.


I have said that I’m trying a new character in 3S, but never “I don’t play this game”. I mean doesn’t the fact that we are playing mean that they “play” this game? It’s just a cop out when they can’t take their beating like a man.

I have found that the more respectful you are of people the more they are willing to help you if you are good. I am still learning everyday so any help I can get from a skilled player is always welcomed.

Respect, give it to get it IMHO