I DONT FEEL LAG - Super Street Fighter IV "FREE" Online Event.. haha, Free... get it?

If you like Street Fighter IV, if you see you see yourself buying Super Street Fighter IV, and if you’re tired of those unnecessary messages about Microsoft point generators that “DONT” work then I’ve got a deal for you.

:nunchuck:Super Street fighter IV free online tournament:nunchuck:
The Tournament is starting on may 11th and have a champion crowned by no later than the13th. Approximately 2 weeks after the official release date(that’s ample time to learn your new character balances) a more specific date will be announced to those who confirm attendance

:bgrin:The tournament is free. Will you be as well?:bgrin:
Entry fee? No sir!(or ma’am) if you can play SSFIV online via xbox live you are good to go. just send me your gamertag via xbox live(I Herokiller I) or on my aim(inlovewithvomit) and you will be added at my earliest convenience. Did I mention a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize?

:tup:5600ms points and more:tup:
1st place is guaranteed to walk away with 5600 Microsoft points paid out by yours truly. I mean because you already know you’re going to win right?:badboy:2nd place will have the choice between a free 3 month gold membership or 1600 Microsoft points and 3rd place will get what doesn’t get picked. (these prizes will not be augmented by reaching the quota.:wtf: I devoted, not rich:tdown:)

:coffee:Now for the important things… Rules:coffee:
Its Double Elimination 2/3 match sets
winner’s and loser’s finals will be 3/5 match sets
Grand Finals will be 3/5
Character bans: who needs 'em anyways, right?
99 secs 2 round matches
both players can decide on how the hosting of matches will be handled. I don’t care if you have your friends host the match for you as long as your opponent agrees on it that all I care about but only the loser of the latest set played can demand a host change. If no one can agree, I will host and I don’t care if you live in Idaho, and if my host is garbage to you then oh well I’m sorry thank you for participating.

Questions should be asked, answers will be given, and no question is dumb or unnecessary please point out anything.

Remember I don’t do this for you, and I definitely don’t do this for me.
I do it for the fun, for the community, the scene.


:yawn:Tournament Update:yawn:
If you are registering for this tournament after the 2nd of may this pretains to you
anyone trying to sign up for “I Dont Feel Lag” after this date will not be automatcially entered into the tournament. You will be put on a waiting list for the tournament. Should anyone who is already in the tournament be unable to participate then the people on the waiting list shall take their place and I will check to see if there are any flakers in the next few days so be on XBL for potential messages from me(Herokiller) for confirmation on entry those who do not acknowledge and respond will be taken off the list permanently with no chance to get back on the roster for the current tournament

Here the link for the bracket you angry scoundrels, you

o so its online alright at white time

Ill gladly join but do you have any idea when and what time will the online event be

the date that I’m aiming for is may 11th and I want to finish this by may 13th the reason for the long ass time frame is because alot of people are still in school and work and all that but if you want I’ll put you down on the entry list and I’ll PM you more specifics

yes please sign me up

^you’re in

I wish they have one of these on PS3

Im down.

you’re in

sorry, PS3 sucks. what more can I say. get an xbox and socialize with humans not Home avatars lolol

sign me up please.

I’d like to participate and beat some “Gutter trash!”

You’re in

You’re in

Sign me please
started maining blanka dont hate

I hate blanka, not you… lolol you’re in

DaBakerMann is ready to fight, sign me up!

Awww right. Put me in, mon.

I’ll give it a shot. Put me in! :slight_smile:

you’re in