I dont get it, at all

I cant punish shit. No matter what I do, even if I am at a frame advantage every one of my counters gets stuffed, yet I cant block a goddamn thing and people punish every last thing I do. Everything. No matter who I play, every single one of their fucking attacks is apparently safe, and no matter what I do, even if I am at an advantage frame wise, I still get countered and or blocked. Even if I know what they are going to do, I cannot do shit on offense.

I fucking suck at this game. I am about done with this game. I am fed up.

Are you playing on a wireless internet connection?

No. Its not my connection. Mine runs smooth as silk. Ask anyone where whom I have played. Its me. I am just fucking atrocious.

Oh, okay then. Welp, if your offense and defense are both bad, then I dunno what to tell ya.

Noodie, your probably at that stage where we’ve all been mate. Your starting to get into more advanced techniques in the game and forgetting your basic fundamentals. Your probably entering matches with a whole lot of ideas and set up’s now that you’ve been playing Fei for a little while.

When I fall out of touch, I go back to the basics. Play Fei turtle style, play lame, Anti Air jump ins and keep it real simple. Punish whiffs with the maximum damage and don’t get reckless. Another good way of settling in is to let 10 -15 seconds burn on the clock at the start of a round before settling on an attack.

Sometimes before a session I’ll even pick Ryu for 2-3 games and get my train of thought on spacing, zoning, and basic solid play.

Another couple of things to note. People are now 100% aware of Fei Long’s strength, they’ve probably discussed the match in countless threads. It happens to every top character. We will not get an easy run anymore (did we ever!?).

One final thing to note, check your set up, what screen are you playing on? You may have a laggy set up which could be a huge disadvantage.

I suggest going to a local arcade if you’re around an active scene… most of the time it’s lag that messes up timing especially if you’re on psn

Punishing quick openings with cr.lp > rekka is pretty hard to do with the inconsistent timing that goes with playing online, when you think you have frame advantage the delay puts you off a frame or two. Learning what punishes what takes alot of time to the point where it’s mostly muscle memory… just don’t give it up too quickly

Trust me though, arcade/offline games play hella differently than online.

Sadly in PA the arcade scene is all but dead. You cannot even find an arcade, and when you do, the games are 15 years old.

be more specific about whats happening. what are you trying to punish?

Its just anything in general Mike. I am so wildly inconsistent it drives me insane. One match I am fine, next match I can even punish an opponents sweep or missed DP. However it seems like if I so much as fart, someone is pummeling my face in.

ok normally i dont advocate the CPU for anything, but illitirit had a pretty interesting training tool. i’ll post it here

That’s a really good post, Mike.

I actually just hit the point that Noodie is at today kind of. I’ve only been playing seriously for about 5 months, and after 4 1/2 months of various characters and trying to force myself to play rushdown (that didn’t work, I turtled anyway :). I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of him but today I just got wrecked by someone I know online who’s pretty good and it’s definitely disheartening. It’s difficult to learn him online I think because there’s so much reaction and whiff punishing in his game but my local casuals have been off for a while and I haven’t had time to make it to the arcade lately because I’ve been busy.

I know some of the stuff I struggle with is a lot with reactions and focus attacks in general. As far as I know, there’s no specific way to practice and improve reactions other than just playing against people, being aware of your options, and constantly trying to correctly react to them even though you’re going to get punished for being too slow at first. If there’s any other way please let me know :slight_smile: As far as focus attacks go - I pretty much never used them before I picked up Fei. I’d use them occasionally to absorb a fireball, and as a punish sometimes and in FADC combos, but it was never in my repertoire or at my disposal at will. With the way Fei plays, this needs to change so I’ve been getting myself to do it more. I’ve gotten pretty good at focusing and letting go in time for the attack to connect against Boxer, but not against many others. I think that will come with practice and matchup knowledge though. I’m also terrible with focus attacks on the other side of the board, I get blown up hard when people focus against me. My friend today was focusing a large number of my cr.hp pokes and that was destroying me. This is something I’m not really sure what to do about. Fei doesn’t have much to break armor to I’ve just been trying to backdash to get away, or throw if I can react in time.

Sorry that ended up getting a little wordy, I just thought I’d express how I’m in a pretty damned similar situation to you (although I’m not on the verge of quitting, I really know how you feel). There has been a lot of good advie in here that I think you should take, and I know I’m going to. If you want a shitty Fei to practice with ever, hit me up. I’m on psn as rivalsx and xbl/gfwl as r1vls.

A post I made in a similar ilk on improving:

• If you FADC a Flame Kick (any version) after the first hit, on block it is now -1.

What does that exactly mean for Fei? And how much + or - do other characters have, when they fadc their DP’s?**

Maybe you’re not cut out for this whole street fighter thing.

The good news is they make Halo just for people like you!

Hey Rimrattler (I am sure you cant hoop a fucking lick either, probably a D-3 head), I don’t know who you are, dont give a shit either. If I wanted to listen to an asshole, I would fart.

Happens to everybody. Don’t worry too much about it, if the game isn’t fun for you right now you can take a break. When you feel like playing again, play again =].

Just to add, in my opinion, if you have good fundamentals and footsie’s, you can beat almost any lesser player with any character. That’s how important those elements are.

Ever wondered why the ass hole in your endless room is destroying everyone with what seems like the entire cast? Because he’s controlling the match with his experience, and reacting to your mistakes.

I can’t count how many times I beat players with their own character because I just have a better grasp of the game. ( I try not to do this deliberately, it really pisses people off!!! ).

If you were an old school SF2 player playing someone who’s picked up SF4 and played it solid for 6 months, I’d still put my money on the SF2 player every day of the week.

Have you seen this before noodie? … http://sonichurricane.com/?page_id=1702

This is important for every player from Fuudo down to fimbler ( word we use in Australia for someone who misses combo’s all the time!)

I have not seen that before! But it looks really useful. Thanks man.

well mate when i play fei long i like to use his crouching medium kick alot also maybe i will throw out 1 or 2 crouching light kicks ,
i dont use his flame kick unless its an anti air thats just me i think its very risky.
when i play fei long i play its weird cause i always leave a gap and when an opponent messes up i try and punish with 1 or 2 rekkas and i never do that with other characters, even when i play yang i cant punish aswell with his mantis slashes.

also what characters are you having the most trouble against with this ?

btw sorry if none of my info helped, i tried :rofl: