I don't get it.

I feel like the other player just has the upperhand from the very start, whether I jump, use some sort of special, or even try to throw some normals out based on their movements, I’m just getting punished for it. And after that I just keep getting jabbed out of stuff, its like jab jab Into bnb, and for some odd reason no matter who i play this never works for me, either A) somehow their jab is miraculously better than mine, or B) I get srk’d or some other kind of move with invincibility.

I just don’t understand. The worst part, I can’t keep playing these guys, its 2 rounds then we’re done I feel like I’ve learned nothing, its not even enough time to figure out their patterns, and mos of them are dicks who aren’t going to practice with you in an endless match. And eventually I find myself in training practicing combos for hours. Combos i don’t ever seem land outside of training mode.

And find good, helpful players and add them to friends list or what ever. I don’t know if that’s any harder on other consoles, but on 360 I can generally find some pretty cool dudes online. Although I suppose that not many really *help *in means of advice, they just play sets that let me learn.
Do you play offline at all?

I do, and I find that I do alot better offline than I do online, but I dont get to play offline with decent players as often as I’d like.

tell me about it. My local scene is in shambles. What system do you play on?

I play on ps3: XeroForever

Well, I play on 360. XD.
I don’t really know what else to say, except try to always enjoy playing. If you’re getting mad about it while your losing, probably won’t be learning much. Play patient, play calm, be like a river, ect ect. I’d also stay away from ranked matches if possible, as pretty much no matter what, even if you try to ignore it, the points and ranked system IMO always has a negative effect on play. Finding a ‘rival’ of sorts is also super helpful I think. I’ve progressed pretty much right beside a Ryu player I found forever ago. We’ve gotten pretty tight as far as players in an online game go.
and I’d also say try stick if you play pad. If possible at least. Stick might be more comfortable.

psn ahdonye

Ah I think I’ve played you before? I’m not sure but my PSN is Janus0108 if you’re down for Endless matches sometime. I find Ranked to be pretty ridiculous at times too, but the main thing I’ve realized recently is that I need to warm up before I go play actual people.

Meaning that I usually go into the training room, throw the dummy into a bunch of situations, practice for maybe 20 or 30 minutes and then I jump online. I usually do a lot better this way. It doesn’t matter if the online is laggy or if you cannot hit your combos online, I feel that warming your fingers up gets you into the mindset of what you need to do. But yeah we should totally play each other sometime.

Chances are you’re holding the back button too much or you’re not hitting the frame rate at the same time. I had the same problem when I first played online. Although I’m still not good at all, but I’ve gotten some helpful tips from others on SRK. Learn your spacing and try to go back and forth more often and learn to block and when to throw out your own punish combo. My PSN is Kaiyue … add me if you wanna play anytime.

Are you Loshapony on Xbox Live
I cant believe i ran into this fast on SRK
I was the Sagat/Hakan player in Endless

On topic
I am very curious what character you play

Don’t try to learn playing online scrubs. Anything that works against them will prolly just get you killed vs a real player. I say real cuz most of the guys I end up fighting online aren’t even playing street fighting as far as I’m concerned.

You talk about getting srk’d out of jabs up close… how about you block and then punish their face off with a huge combo when they come down? Online turds play really unsafe and random… so even if they hit you with some random shit and take the lead… just play it calm and safe til they do something dumb (which normally takes about 2 - 4 seconds).

Better than all this… just make friends with some people on here and quit playing randoms altogether.

yeah I remember your tag :slight_smile:

It’s difficult to help you without seeing any of your matches or replays. It sounds like you’re putting way too much focus on your combos, and not enough practice into the fundamentals of SF play. If you feel like the other player has the upper hand from the very start, that usually means you either have no confidence in your game before your match even begins, or you’re making far too many major mistakes throughout the course of the fight.

Atm, I’m playing Sakura, and I rather not switch characters because I’ve already done that numerous times. I spend more than 80% of my time in training mode… and I’m not sure what else I can do other than practice combos, I figure all the more complex tactics you learn while playing actual players, that’s pretty much my main reason to ever play online is to get that sort of experience, but it never really seems to work out. That and I dunno if I’m playing total scrubs… I know the whole letter rank and bp, pp stuff is kinda bull crap, but most of my problems come from those C+, B, A, ect., cause when looking for matches I put skill on ‘Any’. And if you’d like to watch my replays my psn is XeroForever if you want to add me and watch, but other than that I don’t have any way of actually showing you my matches.

Do endless not ranked. A lot of clowns doing ranked matches r usually on some kind of bullshit that can b frustrating as all hell.

Learn about frame data. It will help a lot. As a matter of fact read the stickies here in the newb thread and on your characters thread.

U still need practice. I go into training room to practice situations and to do reps. If u can combo in training room but struggle with them online, u need to do reps. Start low… Reps of ten or fifteen. Pick one combo and try doing it 20 times in a row. If u can do it 19 times and mess up 20, start counting from one again until u can do it. Reason being, u NEED Combos. And practicing this much will build muscle memory, helps.

Online only play green bar matches.

Fuck the only play endless only scrubs play ranked. You know who got good grinding ranked all the new top player latif wolfkrone aquasilk iiperu.

If you can’t beat scrub tactics online you are going to lose to scrub tactics in tourneys. Go through this forum and see all the people who you have never heard of who think they are good because they do ok vs a very specific play style they choose to only play vs. however they never bothered to figure out how to beat mashers. It’s important to play vs scrubs and be able to beat them.

Combos are not important in fighting games. Damage is very important but the combo is just a tool to get to damage so if you can do something 100% that does 30% less damage but the thing that would do the most damage if you fuck it up the other guy could punish you don’t try it if you want to win.

Just worry about winning fuck all that other bs.

Also if your aa is bad you will lose.

eeyup, that would be me. Sorry about my connection, my internets been pretty random the past few days.
And I don’t remember who I picked, but sorry about not picking my main or whatever, my stick is broken, so I’m on pad until the new one gets in (hopefully today).
I suck at motions on pad big time :p. I can almost use pad Bison though (probably who I was picking I’m guessing, or Balrog)
good games by the way.

BP is right, how shitty would it be to put in so much time learning to play against good tactics, skipping shit tactics and then going to the tourny and getting knocked out 0-2 because you fought a Flow Chart Ken and a Run Away-Throw Air Fireball Akuma backk to back.

So how do you learn to play against those scrub tactics? Just play against people that use em?

Edit: Apparently, using Sakura’s cr. fierce pretty much kills most scrubs online. I’m not so sure how to deal with those back dashing/jumping back and fireballs, mostly guile players.

Play ranked block alot wait for them to do something stupid like dp or jump at you and punish.