I dont get it

hey sup

youkno that combo video that u can download on this site, unique combos and tactics?

wel theres the combo with hiryu that I dont get.

it goes like this mag does his combo blah blah then cancels hes special into strider ouroborus he teleports to the opponent then he does a combo on the way down then as he jumps he does low punch then telports rite on the other side of the opponent.

how does that work or how do I do that?

are you saying he teleported in mid-air? I guarantee you did not see that because only Spiral can do that. I don’t quite get what you’re saying so could be al ittle more specific?:stuck_out_tongue:

hmm what im saying is that mag infinite starter lands HK mag shockwave xx strider ouroborus tele to the other side, combos lands jumps towards lp then he just like just appears on the other side right beside the opponent and lands and does air combo.

I looked at it closer and he didn jump over or double jump, or anything over.

just try to find he video and it’ll explain better.

Unique combos and tactics vol.1

you have a link to it? your talking about the one from Dasrik right?

The combo after the Shockwave is

DHC to Ouroburos, teleport with roundhouse, jump forward (the orbs are still on and juggle the opponent), jab-strong as you land from the jump, then launch into air combo.

I am not completely sure of this because I don’t have the video anymore.

u did it different becuz after the shockwave u did ouroborus and used tele with HP and u were landing and jumped comboed then u landed on the other side with the ouoroborus pulling him then u launchd.