I don't help people, I kill them! The Anarchy Reign/ MAX Anarchy Thread


So if you are a fan of Platinum games then you are possibly familiar with titles such as Bayonetta and Mad World. Recently Platinum games have released countless trailers on their new game for the XBOX360 and PS3 titled Anarchy Reign (US) or MAX Anarchy (JPN). This is a some what of a run around beat-em-up with tons of online multiplayer options within a new setting including familiar characters like Jack from Mad World and Bayonetta from Bayonetta (not trolling). I’m not trying to sell this game but simply informing people of this title and you can download a demo from the Japanese Xbox Online Marketplace and Japanese PSN for free. The demo includes a tutorial, two sided mission, and even online multiplayer option which include 4-vs-4-team-death-match and 4-player-free-for-all.

latest trailer


You don’t need a japanese accooooooooount. The way is on NEOGAF, I can post it if you like and give help to those who need it, PLAY THIS GAME WITH ME! There’s depth to be had and found, and it’s relatively easy to pick up and start ToDing and reading people like helpless books.

Also less dead thread pls. This game deserves the most attention out of any fighter-type game there is right now, and people are really screwing themselves missing out on it.

Even found infinites and ToDs and shiiiiiiiiit.

In fact, I think I’ll do a little writeup for people just getting into it. So they can see the competitive possibilities.