I dont know what to do


Hey guys.
Im a Zangief pad playe and i play on PC. I started playing three months ago (yea, im late to the party, i know). I started using the Xbox 360 pad, and like one month after that i bought a razer onza controller, which is pretty comfortable in my opinion. Also, i opened the controller and removed the triggers (sometimes i hitted accidently and the onza has two extra buttons that are exactly like the LB and RB buttons). Well, until this part of the story everything is ok. Now, the problem is that the people is organizing some tournamenta in my country (argentina) but they use playstation 3, and theres no decent 360>ps3 converter… Theres only one (xcm) which sucks and lag as hell.
I bought a ps2 pad and the wolfkrone coverter, i used this for 3-4 days and i suck with it. I literally cant do anything with it. I also tried to get used to a madcatz arcade stick but it was even worse than my ps2 pad try.
At this point i think what ive readed all this time about “use the controller you like” is bullshit because of this… It should be “use the controller you like as long as is ps3 compatible”. So now i feel like ive spent time getting used to a stupid controller that i cant even use to enter on a tournament to try to improve, and i judt cant get used to any other controller.


Well, unfortunately, unless you can manage to find a Razer controller that works for PS3, or you find a friend or a stranger at the tourney who has one, you’re pretty much screwed. The ps3 and xbox or razer pad are almost a night-and-day difference, and it seems like you’ll have issues executing to your highest potential.

Your best solution, for now, would just be to borrow someone’s controller at the tournament. Make a friend, be nice, don’t act like an asshole, and maybe they’ll let you borrow their ps3 pad. At least you’ll be able to play your matches, instead of twiddling your thumbs, with a non-compatible pad in your hand.

Another alternative is just to adapt to using arcade sticks, and borrowing someone’s stick at the tournament. Arcade sticks are far more prevalent in the fighting game community, and assuming that Argentina is no different, you’ll have a wider pool of available arcade sticks at a tournament to borrow.

Or just purchase or pay someone to dual-mod your current pad or arcade stick to avoid this potential problem in the future.


Consider a madcatz fightpad.


Your looking for instant results on everything you do. Nothing is going to feel perfect in the beginning. When I started playing on a fight stick roughly 6-7 years ago, it took me 4-5 months to transition. Id suggest the PS2 pad with the converter as its your only option to enter tourneys in your country, and just learn on it…


The single biggest reason why I switched to a stick was realizing that doing so meant never needing to deal with platform compatibility issues. That alone makes it the most logical choice in my personal opinion.


You can get your pad dual-modded, probably. Do that.


Isn’t there a type of PS3 controller that is nearly identical to a 360 controller? Something like this?

That’s the only solution I can think of…