I don't know what to do


I started playing this game in particular at the start of the year. (I at least remember it snowing outside) I came here from Blazblue CSE, and since everyone else left to play BBCP which is a PS3 exclusive, I didn’t have a fighter anymore. (Skullgirls is dead as well. What a waste.) So I decided to start playing Street Fighter, and it took me a while to get into it.

I started off playing Juri, but when Ultra came out I started playing Dee Jay and I had so much fun. I finally found my character!

Too bad. He sucks.

Or at least I can’t play this game at all. I keep losing my charge at the wrong times, I can’t tech throws at all in this game, and I can’t dash ultra consistently.

I honestly don’t know who to play in this game. Everyone gets boring so early, and I just can’t find anybody I identify with. I used to play Taokaka in BB, and there really isn’t an equivalent character in this game.

It sucks that there really isn’t any other fighters out there either. No one plays BB anymore, no one plays Skullgirls, KoF XIII is a chore to learn, 3rd Strike is UFCgym, P4A is dead as well. I don’t want to be done with gaming as a hobby, but it’s starting to look that way for the time being.

Anyone else go through a character identity crisis?


DJ is fun. He might suck but if you like him, stick with him.

You just have to hit the grind and get better man. Make sure you are focused on learning rather than focused on winning and not falling into rage induced non-thinking auto pilot.


The thing about picking a main is that you have to identify with the character, the way the character looks and plays, their gameplan etc, in short you just need to have fun.The fastest way to improve is playing a character that you enjoy playing, it doesn’t matter if the characer is considered bad or not. At lower level play tiers don’t really matter anyway.

have a training buddy too, makes everything much much more enoyable than fighting just random people.




Yes and no.


It’s only a chore if there’s no scene around you for it. I loved what I played of KoF.

Also just play Deejay. My character sucked when I began, and I’ve done the same in other games.

It’ll be a whiiile till Deejay is what’s holding you back, if ever.

Plus compensating for his weaknesses correctly, with good fundamental play, will help you better use and understand your new tools if you ever switch maybe!


Yeah, sorry. What I meant was the entire system is so different from anything I’ve played before, with the meters and the way the cancels work, and the combo system is one of the most execution heavy (in my experience) that I’ve ever played. It seemed like a lot of work without a lot of payoff.

I’ll keep going on XBL, and I just found out that P4AU is on GoD, so I might start that and see if Akihiko is as ass as I’m hearing.

Thanks for the feedback guys.


Actually, KOF’s basic rules are very similar to Street Fighter - you can’t block in the air, only one normal during a jump, there are no airdashes, specials do chip damage, cancels progress normal=>special=>super=>neomax and so on. The mobility is leagues better, but the basic rules of what happens when are very similar.

KOF’s main quirk with regard to canceling is being able to cancel specials into other specials, that’s all there is to it. Apart from that it just follows the basic normal=>special=>super progression basically every other game ever does. Canceling a special into something takes half the drive gauge. That’s it.

As far as the combo system goes, that varies a ton by character. Some characters have very short or pretty lenient combos, while at one end of the spectrum Ash can spend ages wailing on the opponent to achieve the same result.


The good thing of KOF is that the first hard thing to learn is the game engine, so you can flutter here and there with different characters the time to choose your team.


Just play something else. I took like a 4 month break from SF4 to play CVS2 and ST. When I came back I had a new perspective and switched to Claw.