I don't know what to get

So I was browsing the forums looking for a thread that would answer my question and I came up empty.

My question is, I have SF4 and I really like it, but I find it harder to execute moves, combos, etc. So I was looking at some arcade fighting sticks. I’m new to the arcade fighting sticks, so I’m kind of confused on what I should get.

I’ll be getting my taxes back soon, so I have about $300 maybe a little more that I can spend. I would like to purchase a fighting stick from a company and not something custom. Can anyone recommend a good quality fighting stick that won’t fail on me?

Also, are fighting pads any good? I was also looking at those as well.

Thanks so much.


I’m in the same boat.

TE - stick restocks in a month or two, best to wait for it, from ive read and what most of the knowledgeable people on this forum say its a VERY good stick, best parts, etc… at retail price $150 its good, paying above that most would not recommend since you can do a custom one for similar price.

SE stick - if you dont want to wait buy this if you can find it, its a bit easier than TE, but its doable. Swap out parts, end up spending around $150-170.

Custom - buy one or build your own. price same

That’s what i got by reading these forums for the past week or so

Just a quick question…

What is “TE” and “SE”?

Tournament Edition and Special Edition, the former being the better of the two.

Oh yeah duh.

TE = Tournament Edition
SE = Standard Edition

Anyways, I have a Hori Real Arcade Pro EX for my 360 and love it. You might want to check this thread out too, since it sounds like you’re pretty new:


Yeah I’ve read that and found pretty informative.

I’ve seen that Hori stick and it’s pretty looking. My question(s) is, is it worth the $190 and where could I purchase it?

Also, where do you guys buy your sticks if their manufactured by a company?

I’m not sure if the Hori stick is worth $190 since the buttons aren’t actual arcade buttons. It’s worth the standard MSRP I paid for it though ($130) plus the little bit extra to put in arcade buttons (I put Seimitsus in mine).

Honestly, I would wait until the hysteria dies down a bit at this point. Unless you happen to come across a manufactured stick selling at MSRP.

Yeah that is true.

If anyone else has some suggestions please post them.


#9 Are you talking about the one from Madcatz?

did they announce a second run of TEs?


Yeah. There is a second batch coming from what I’ve read. The MadCatz page mentioned it and even said specifically not to pay inflated eBay prices.

you know this question has been asked a thousand times aroun the forums it s realy not that hard to find info about this online.

The Hori Real Arcade Pro EX SE come with all Seimitsu parts and buttons.

The normal HRAP EX one comes with a Sanwa joystick and Hori buttons.

The Hori buttons should be really easy to replace with Sanwas or Seimitsu 30mm snap ins, for cheap too.