I don't know where to ask this but


I noticed many characters say “sora” or even “seyaa” or something in-battle in Street Fighter games.

For example, in SSF4 Juri would chant “sora” frequently when using ex pinwheel or super in Japanese. IIRC Sora meants sky or fly or something. I don’t recall exactly.

Abel says “seyaa” or what not.

In Street Fighter X Tekken, I hear even more characters saying “sora” or “seyaa” in English, and it seems odd to me. Rufus, Juri, Nina, ect say “sora” during attacks. Bison even says “seyaa” sometimes as well in English.

I know it is a word in Japanese, but to me I don’t understand why they say it, and to say it with English VA further baffles me. Can someone please explain who is knowledgeable? Thanks in advance, and I apologize if this seems like an odd topic, just something I’ve always been curious about but didn’t know who/where to ask.


I want to know why Rufus says “Force of Nature” during his Snake Strikeon SFxT. haha.
Back on topic… Dunno =)


i’ve always wondered this, too. there’s also something that sounds like “corrinido” that the characters say.


They’re just Japanese battle cries, similar to the stereotypical English ‘hiyah’ applied to anything related to martial arts.


even the one i wrote?


I have no idea what that phrase is, haha. Who says it?


yeah, i’m sure it’s not spelled right, because i couldn’t find it on the internet lol. morrigan actually says it in umvc3 when she does her standing H and other normals. let me see if i can find a video…



@ 0:07. i think i used to hear juri say it in ssfiv, too.


Ah, she’s saying ‘これでどう?’, or ‘kore de dou?’ Basically, it’s just ‘how’s this?’


It’s just the characters wishing they were cool enough to yell in a very manly voice:


Your name get’s me EVERY time, even on that Twitch stream! Dorya!


can you give me the translations for this phrase? this is the last one, [S]i promise.[/S]


for years, i’ve wanted to know what japanese rose says during her ultra 1. i was able to find what she says during ultra 2, but never ultra 1 =[


It’s a bit hard to hear it with the loud ass sound and the speed at which she says it, but listening a bunch of times did it. She says ‘耐えることが出来て?’, or ‘taeru koto ga dekite?’ It means something like ‘can you endure/take this?’


that makes sense because, in english, she says, "try this on for size!"
thanks a million. you’re an angel :3


hm… if no one else is gonna go, i’ll have another turn!

what does “tamashii ga michibiku mamani” (possible spell check) translate to?