I don't know where to post this but!

Anybody want to play some Modern Warfare 2, Blazblue, SF4, T6, Soul Calibur, I’d suggest KoF XII but I don’t even know how to play. BTW I’m REALLLY BAD, so it’d be fun raping me and teaching me how to play. =D But I’m only on Xbox 360 so whoever has one add me! =D

you might wanna try posting it in a thread that has players somewhat close to your local so you can get to know them a little. and as you improve. start going to casuals in your area and meeting some of the guys you have been playing

add me
i’ll rape you in mw2

Yeah man Canada’s a pretty big place, try looking in a thread for a city/area near you.

I could have swore I closed this thread.