I don't like to watch shitty match videos because

I feel like it makes me worse. How do you feel about them?

I think they’re hilarious.

I think of Benny Hill(RIP),everytime I see a bad match video.

I think of projectile vomit; the funny kind, in a light and positive way.
Shitty matches are also kinda boring to watch. Gives you a bad aftertaste. :wasted:

They are actually pretty damn funny.

They suck so bad, but sometimes when you have nothing better to do, and want to past the time you might as well watch them. If anything you should see everything the players do wrong, and use it as a reminder of what to make sure you don’t do.

I find that lots of match videos help me learn more about timings on all sorts of things - best ways to punish, etc, but I’m of course going to learn a lot more from watching Row than I am from watching Johnny Donuts. I think about how I’d handle a situation, watch what they do instead…

I generally try to quietly delete all the realllly bad matches. I host some anyways because people ask me to, but – yeah, bad matches don’t really gain you much other than to think about how you’d handle it differently. =P

If somebody wants to help me set up a ranking/voting system, I’m all ears. =\ I just haven’t had time to do that kind of thing yet. Heck, I haven’t even put up the Most Popular list yet. :sweat: Having the ability to look for Top Rated matches with Kobun (or Storm or etc) in them is kind of my long term goal here.


i’ll watch every single s\d match I can get my hands on. Regardless if its clock\kaising, i’ll break it down and see whats going on. I’ve stolen quite a few things from bad players. Marvel is so random that a bad player can mash something thats next level. Thats when I come in and steal it.

Actually a voting system would be tight. Kinda like how they have the thread rating system on this site.

I’ve heard a lot about you sir from the Mixup Maniac. If I can make it to Evo this year I’d love to throwdown with you, I don’t get to play against S/D beasts everyday.

To everybody else-Are there any hella shitty/funny/bad match videos I should download in particular? I would suggest you guys download any matches that have Mandel in it. That Mandel guy fuckin sucks man. Wow.

o yea, I remember mike telln me about some seatlle players recently. Yea we can get up and play. I definetly want to play JMAR, RO, preppy (mega is too strong) and see how well my s\d would compete against them.

hook me up with some of that rowtron cable shit!!! I gotta have a godlike cable.

Hahaha. Megaman is too weak. He has some interesting tricks against Doom-Y, but that matchup (Strider/Doom) generally sucks.

Generally watching Megaman, for example, is boring. Most everything he does is trappy or technical or both, so unless you do something interesting like HMM DHC Sakura’s diagonal fireball or his throw reset or his infinite (which I have NEVER seen in any actual match)… the only interesting part of that is seeing how people navigate the buster minefield. If he started out with Rockball, it’d be a lot more interesting to watch. And unless you actually play Megaman, you probably aren’t going to get why the super exact height for a buster is so critical. The most interesting Megaman match-up to watch is actually often against Cable if Cable doesn’t have a projectile assist. If you go super technical in your busters, he’ll beat you on chip but has to win a guessing game if he’s going to try to punish you - and busters aimed right swing that match to Megaman’s favor pretty quickly. It’s not a bad match-up as long as you understand the exact buster heights.

There’s some interesting Tornado Hold assist juggle tricks too, but generally he’s pretty boring.

when i watch mad matches my eyes just glaze over. the match will end and i won’t even know what happened. luckily i also won’t care.

i’ve seen you beat kaising preppy so mega really can’t be that bad :looney:. Besides, I think mixup has taken me quite a few times with mega based squads vs my s\d and he said he just xcopies you lol. Mixup is beastly…

those little busters just flat out hurt…

did mixup ever tell you about that double buster on the same plane?

i’m sure anyone who plays ro\jmar regularly is pretty damn good @ marvel. Seattle will always have my respect.

i’ll try to find seattle @ evo. I’m usually loud and usually screaming something about money.

He’s told me about the double buster, but I haven’t had a chance to see it yet. I’ll see if I can duplicate that work. It sounds pretty weird - I don’t know how useful it would be, but Megaman desperately needs every little trick like that. :sweat:

Tell him to figure out how to start Megaman with Rock Ball. That’ll be one of the secret features if I ever create my Marvel vs CapCom 2 Preppy’s Hack Edition. =P

I missed out on everybody playing daily, for the most part, so I still get a lot of benefit from seeing how the game works, learning timing, learning dumb stuff like best movement patterns… I suspect that a certain skill level you’re not going to gain much, but … I had a guy come up to me at GameWorks today talking about he watches everything on my site so he can pick up how to play. I don’t know - I think for scrubs like me it’s a cheap way to level up and get to thinking more clearly about the game. When you’re playing, it’s easy not to realize why you’re getting hit, but then you start watching videos and you can watch in slo-mo Storm floating or being hidden by an assist as she kills a team.

There’s tons of dumb stuff to steal from people. Hell, I haven’t even seen a lot of Megaman being played, so it’s helpful to me to see good or bad Megaman being played. If you’re someone like me who only gets to play ~4 times a month or so, watching scrubby videos… maybe helpful. =\

The only real problem is, as has been noticed 1000000000000 times, is that it’s pretty impossible to find videos of more creative teams like Double Wolverine, Omega Red, or the dreaded Jill/Ruby/Ken team. In those cases, scrubby videos may be all you have. Like take this:
Tron: cLK,cHK, Chun-Li AA assist, Kobun capture.
What’s the best follow-up to that dumb combo? Because I don’t see much of that, it took me a couple matches to capitalize on that dumbness.

It’s a pretty deep game. =\

i get frustrated by the scrub-ness. i.e. ken’s shoryuken on every wake-up, guile’s flash kick every wake up, bison walk back to charge (don’t even know down back charge) for 5 seconds and psycho crusher x2347928347