I Don't Lose: The Third Strike Alex Thread

Anything Alex related you guys wanna discuss, just post it here.

They have character specific forums for this kinda stuff, tho.

I checked those out, but the last one was like 7 or 11 years old or something, so I thought I would start a new one.

Welcome back Louiscipher

Sorry, I’m not Louiscipher, I have no way to prove it but I swear, I didn’t know who he was until I googled him.

Bought this for $5 and I hate football.

It’s not fair to claim I’m someone who creates a ton of alternate accounts who likes the same character I do, by that logic, Smug and Rocket Uppercut are the same person.

you’re just kind of barking up the wrong tree.
this isnt the sf4/5 part of srk.

people dont make threads with stupid cute names for characters.

there aren’t enough people for it to even be worth it. if you want to talk about alex, do it in the general thread.
if you want to learn about alex, go through the threads in the alex subforum.

3S is old and the community is either scattered and small across the world (if they play offline). so you need to know those people if you want to talk.
or you can just go on fightcade and talk to the online crew.

there are tons of newbs on fightcade now for you to chat with and play. not sure where they came from tbh. 90% sure the overwhelming majority will be gone in 2-6 months.

i dont even know who the fuck ‘smug’ and ‘rocket uppercut’ are.

Thanks for the help. I’m not completely new but I’m still figuring things like this out.

Welcome to the 3S part of the board. It looks like you hate Makoto, so you’re cool to me. Now if you changed from Alex to Urien then we can be friends, but it’s okay. One step at a time~

For whatever reason a lot of people say that 5 is “like 3S.” Also nobody wants to play 4 anymore with 5 on deck so I think people that only really played 4 are screwing around with older games until 5 drops.

I don’t hate Makoto, although she is annoying. I want to be good with Urien, and I think he has an awesome design, but I’m only meh with him.

If you are interested in discussing 3s these days I suggest joining third strike junkies facebook group which is where most of the discussion happens now.

Thanks, I appreciate the calm re-direction as opposed to excessively shitting on my thread. I mean that sincerely.

Is nothing to shit on, your thread is shit already. .l.

Smug’s the best SFIV Dudley player, and RocketUppercut’s me. Nice to meet you lol.