I dont seem to like my Arcade stick because

Hello, I bought a arcade stick from eBay, iv had it for 5 months. When i play on it i almost loose every match with :karate:Ryu,Ken,Akuma basically all the shoto characters, but when i play my main Balrog i play better the i did with the pad that’s just the only character i play good with but i dont want it to be like that i also want to play with other characters. For example i use :karate:Ryu i cant do his DP,FB or ultra flawless, i find it hard to play with him this has also messed up my confidence i had playing :karate:Ryu with the regular ps3 controller. i was thinking of buying a octo gate but then herd that you cant play charge characters properly so im too minds, Because of this it results to be going back to the ps3 controller where i was able to play both type/style characters. Keep in mind even though i have had a stick for 5 months i used it for approx 2 months as i get frustrated and go back to the controller where i can pull of moves 100 times better.

Another thing is at times i can do Dp,FB and ultras from the right side flawlessly but on the left side im just terrible im right handed if that will help you explain why i can do it from there.

Please let me know what should i do or how can i preform better. Thanks.

Just practice.

That’s all.

What kainzero said. You just have to practice. Go into training mode until you can execute moves that you have trouble with no problem.

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what, you don’t observe your feelings from a distance?

you’re probably not trying as hard with the stick, considering that you switch to pad in frustration

just know that you’re not going to get better with stick by dropping it, so practice

Practice. Go into training mode and do every one of the character you want to improve’s specials on BOTH SIDES, until you can do 10 in a row of every move on BOTH SIDES. The next day, do it until you can do 20 in a row. Some people would say to continue increasing it from there, but I personally just like to warm up every day by going in and doing each move from both sides 20 times in a row, this includes ultras and supers. It feels like a waste of time, but it isn’t.

After you’ve got the execution of both sides down, go play some games and PRACTICE MORE. The only way you’ll improve is practice. Depending on how used to pad you were before you got the stick, it can take either a very short or very long time to adjust (and that can mean MONTHS before you’re as good as you used to be if you were a long time pad player). It takes a lot of persistence, but it’s worth it.

Also, you mentioned that you’re playing all the shotos and Balrog. Don’t do that. Choose 1 to 2 characters you want to main, and LEARN THEM. You can’t become good playing a ton of characters at once. Despite the shotos having similar movesets, they are far from the same characters, you can’t play them all just because you can play one, not even close, not even Ryu and Ken. Like I said, 1 to 2 and learn all of their normals and when what normal is good for what, and all their specials and how to apply them. Learn a few combos and how to implement them in your game, then learn a few more. Learn what moves link into/cancel into what, so you can freestyle combos as well.

When you can do all this, you still haven’t mastered the character, but at least you’ll be good.

PM sent. practice makes perfect. It’s going to take more than two months of practice to be proficient with a joystick.

^that makes me a sad panda.

I still can’t do “shoryuken type moves” Which is bad for my cammy :frowning:

^ can you do hadouken? tap forward then do quickly do a hadouken. to have perfect technique, hold downforward at the end instead of forward

Here’s my question: Exactly what stick are you using? Answering this will let us help you more.

I’m going to be honest here, the only way you will get better with a stick is if you don’t touch your pad while you’re retraining yourself to it. It’s a different muscle memory to do a QC, HC, or DP on stick versus pad.

So while you’re playing SSF4, lock your pad away. Do not let yourself go back to it in frustration. Sit in training mode and practice your execution constantly. It’s the step you’ll have to go through if you didn’t ever play in an arcade, because you aren’t used to the stick.

But also, being a pad warrior is perfectly acceptable, unless you’re ditching it to avoid thumb blisters or don’t like the shoulder buttons (though you can use a FightPad, which would have 6 on the face instead of 4).

i use a SE stick i dont if this makes much difference.

Okay i am going to practice the stick i have has a square gate which i think makes it difficult to do the dp motions, can you use a octo for balrog and ryu? them are the ones i want to main.

Okay i am going to practice the stick i have has a square gate which i think makes it difficult to do the dp motions, can you use a octo for balrog and ryu? them are the ones i want to main.

Its like learning how to ride a bike you cant just jump on it. Need to spend hours in training mode perfecting your motions before you go online. Anything new and different will be hard at first.

Okay, since you’re on an SE, in SF4 at least, you can use :df: :d: :df: (I personally tend to use :df: :d: :db: :d: :df:) for your DP motion. Don’t be afraid to ride the bottom of the square for this

It might not help when you’re playing anything else, but if you plan to specialize in SF4, this will make sure you get your motions out 100% in that game.

Thanks that actually works but the problem is i cant make it come out all the time lol i guess ill have practice it, can any 1 answers the octo gate question plz ohh yeh also does sanwa really make a diffrence i thinking of getting the buttons im gna leave the SE joystick as its to expensive to replace it at the moment, i will though hopefully when it breaks down lol.

Coolman, how about going to training mode, turning on the display input data option, and finding out WHY you’re not executing correctly. Chances are you’re hitting punch too early.

Sanwa parts are higher quality, yes. Are they your problem? Probably not. You most likely need more practice.

Don’t bother with octo gates. Just go practice.