I don't think Capcom can ever fix the loading time

lack of content can be fix with a patch but I don’t think loading times for offline & atrocious online play can ever be fix. Unlike first person shooter where you can wait in the loading screen for 1 or 2 minutes and play for 15+ minutes. A typical match on street fighter ends in under 50 second per round. I think waiting longer than 30 seconds to play is too long.

Bloodborne had extremely long loadingtimes and was fixed with a patch.

google it.

OK i google it, bloodburne after patch shave 10 to 20 from 40 to 50 seconds on average. while SF5 is at 1.5 minutes at best online. honestly I don’t have high hope even if they shave 30 seconds its still too long for a fighting game

I assume you are playing on PS4?

The loading times are ass even with an SSD.

Loading doesn’t seem to be a big problem with this game.

The loading thing is most noticeable when I have fight request on and I was just messing around in training mode while waiting. When you go back into training mode after a match it takes at least 40 seconds just to get back into that. SF4 took like 5 seconds

It’s a lot more severe than just 10-20 seconds. Loading at launch took a better part of a minute and now are down to about 10 seconds. It literally broke the game to the point where I stopped playing until the patch was implemented.

On PC my loading times aren’t bad in SFV

Bloodborne still has extremely long load times that even the core fanbase complains about. And that’s because FromSoft does the lazy thing of reloading all assets instead of optimizing what needs to be reloaded.

SFV doesn’t have that excuse. There is nothing in SFV’s stages that even comes close to the huge chunks of geometry going on in Bloodborne.

Load times are a bit erratic. Sometimes it seems 2+ minutes. In these cases it won’t even show the Level, rank , points etc of me and the opponent.
The match itself will play fine though.
I noticed this much more on Windows 10 because the Game DVR server service would be running for some reason. I had to launch the Xbox app to disable it. So it wouldnt be on for 30+ minutes, then load times got worse. Tab out and see yup, TWO instances of Game DVR now.

Advice for pc user on steam: Shift+tab a surf the web while waiting

What pisses me off is that there’s a MINIMUM ENFORCED waiting time on the PC version. I’m not talking about PC vs. PS4 cross-play but just in general you have to wait for that mini loading tune to complete before the screen transitions to the actual fight. USF4 also had this but it was much shorter. I wonder how much shorter it’d be if they removed that for PC vs. PC matches.

Agreed, this is complete bullshit. In USFVIV you could press Start to skip much faster than on console too.

USF4 on my PC SSD takes 12 seconds to load the characters after you’ve selected them
SF5 on my PC SSD takes 14 seconds to load the characters after you’ve selected them
SF5 on my PS4 SSD takes 14 seconds too.

I’m not sure what people are complaining about here.

Patience gamers. Patience.

I don’t get the complaints either.

I have PC SSD, it takes like 30 seconds from the moment you joint to start playing.

Thank you! This loading is not as bad as other games.

What I think of it as is the saltiness and eagerness to get back to another game after a loss. Use the loading time to rethink what you could of done to win and possibly take note of it.

Why should anyone be happy with 2min loading times?


Capcom needs to ask Sony to let Naughty Dog give them tips on how to reduce and optimize loading times.