I dont think I'll ever make it to EvO


The reason is probably because there is a huge quantity of things I can’t do in fighting games. I’ve tried over and over and no matter what, i can’t do the following:

  • My fingers get all jittery when i try to do magneto combos.
  • I cant ROM for shit (trust me, I’ve tried it).
  • I like to use low tier characters (it makes the game more interesting than having to see the same teams over and over again).
  • In games like SF4 or whatever, the combo system is too strict for me (I am NOT gonna try to spend time trying to figure out how to catch certain frames just to be able to combo stuff. It happens all too fast).
    -I don’t have money to go to vegas. I wish EVO was in southern CA at least once.
  • West coast southern CA has some of the worst, if not least amount of competition for mvc2. Even at my local arcade, no one comes in every day, and theres always something wrong with all 3 mvc2 machines).

I lost my job last october and since then, Ive been looking for a job so I guess imma miss out on some of the great tournaments ever.

So I guess Imma have to find some way to make tournaments near my area.




I am interested in your life story


looks like you wouldn’t enjoy “some of the great tournaments ever” anyway since you don’t like playing high-tier or learning combos


And just when I thought today’s shitty threads couldn’t get any shittier :looney:


the sarcasm doesn’t help.


oh wow, look at this thread


who said I dont like learning that stuff? I said I had difficulty learning it cuz I’ve tried many times and i STILL CANT GET IT. And if I play against sentinel users, I’M FORCED TO PICK CABLE. I hate being forced into that situation. Although I have beaten a sentinel user once with Marrow. I guess Ill try using her more since her QCB+PP super doesn’t require you to get close to sentinel. As far as having local tournaments, that wouldn’t be too much to ask for.


Sheesh, just play and have fun.


Obviously your ticket to EVO is to get so good that at a tournament a wealthy old man spots you playing and instantly tears up from the beauty that is your immensely skilled gameplay, gimmicks and badditude. The man will gladly pay for you to go and win EVO for you are the apple of his eye and with the proper training at his multi-million dollar mansion and facilities you’ll take home #1 in every game and the man can die a happy death knowing that he help fostered one of the greatest minds in competitive fighting.

Make another thread once you’ve accomplished this goal, and only then.


you haven’t tried enough. nobody is forcing you to pick anything. you need to learn how to play and stop whining.

also, nobody cares.


Lost all sympathy for you right there.


yea Ill try. Just don’t expect me to win.


I wasn’t looking for sympathy. so i dont know why you said that. anyway, i’d go to east coast, IF I HAD MONEY FOR THAT.
I dont control the amount of people that show up to my local arcade and theres nothing i can do to help the situation either. at least not right now.


a bloo bloo bloo


Evo is about games?
I went last year and about 10% of my time was spent actually gaming. The includes casuals in my and others rooms, my tournament time and BYOC.

Just go to go. What’s not to like about seeing the worlds best play on the biggest stage of them all in Las Vegas of all places?

Get your head out of this “you have to be good at fighters to be at evo” hole you have going.

It’s about the experiences you have and how much fun you have experiencing them.
If you get far? Cool. Congrats. If you don’t? Alright. It happens. It is the worlds largest fighting game tournament after all.

And besides, out of 1k+ people for SFIV only the top 8 will be recognized as winners but that doesn’t stop the 1k+ from going does it? No.


Why bother trying to go to evo then if you’re not willing to put forth the effort to get the timing down for links etc that everyone else is?




well i guess ill just sign up for mvc2 only next year. assuming i have money.


If all you are going to do is make excuses and give short answers why bother posting or even making this thread?