I don't understand how to 360/720

To me, it’s the same thing as Fatalities in Mortal Kombat that require you to press Up. It doesn’t make sense to me. How do you do a move requiring a 360 if by pressing up, you jump, interrupting whatever you may be trying to do. I’ve been wanting to play with Hugo, but it’s impossible because I can’t do a 360 or a 720. Do I have to do a 360/720 at the end of a move or jump so that the up motion doesn’t register?

ok, when u do rotation’s, lift your hand so your rist ain’t touching anything, and do it AS FAST AS POSSIBLE and when u do 720 u actually do 540 but it’s still hard to do, i tried playing hugo aswell, but i could only do 540 when lucky, but keep practicing and good luck man cuz u’ll seriously need it

Both work. Buffering a 720 during a move or a jump (or parry freeze) is usually necessary. I say usually because some players are able to do the “standing 720” which is basically a 720 off the cuff without any attack to buffer the motion, however this is very hard.

You should be able to do 360’s without jumping or buffering the motion because a 270 degree spin is enough. If you do f,df,d,db,b,bu,u+P/K fast enough you’ll get a 360.

Just remember, a 360 only requires 6 directional inputs. (720’s only require 12)

so you can essentially do: f,df,d,db,b,ub+p and never leave the ground so long as your timing is right.

If you end the 360 on up/back as posted above, when you press punch the piledriver cancels your jump.

Thing is, you dont actually have to a 270 motion, or for that matter any circular motion, the thing is you have to hit 4 points to do a “360”, up down left right, IN ANY ORDER. So for example, down back forward up + p will do the move you’re looking for, kinda handy i guess if you want to option parry with down then forward, then quickly do back - up+p to do the command throw

my trick is just doing qcb then quickly pressing foreward

As others have explained already, a 360 isn’t exactly a 360, so you can end on :ub:.

Yes, :ub: will obviously make you jump backwards, but if you press the button on time/early enough, the grab will come out instead. You’re trying to beat the jump with the punch buttons, so all a very fast motion. If you jump, that means you’re too slow with your punches, or you didn’t input your 270 correctly.

I used to have a difficult time with 360s. My breakthrough came when I started treating them just like half circle motions–same speed, same smoothness of movement. Don’t worry about whipping the stick in circles as fast as you can to avoid jumping, because you’ll just make the character spaz out. Just do a half circle and keep it going for a couple of extra points on the stick before hitting the button.

Also, piano the buttons. Three presses = six inputs to get the move out.